Why Split-Testing Is Sexy?

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"The best definition I ever heard was that online testing is the equivalent of giving yourself a pay rise every week." -Jay Abraham
Testing is the ultimate source and judge of all marketing principles and wisdom.

If guru A asks you to do a, and guru B asks you to perform b, what should you do?( This is the most common problem I face because of the information overload.)...You simply do both and test which get better result.

The basic principle of split-testing is that you can always be better-you can write a more powerful headline... you can put on a better image...you can convert more...you can earn more money.

It literally means that if you have earned even $1 from your website, you are sitting on an untapped source of wealth.

It’s not unusual for the increase in profits that comes from testing to be in the hundreds of percent.

The most basic testing is the A/B split test.

What we do is test two pages against each other. We take your existing page (this is called your control) and then create a different version of it.
The headline or colour may be different. It may have a picture in it that the first page didn’t have. Then we’ll run those two pages against each other. What we’re trying to do is constantly beat our best results and increase our response.

Let's look at what you can change:
* Headline
* Subheadline
* Header
* Greeting
* Bullets
* Bullet Order
* Call To Action
* First Paragraph
* Closing
* P.S.
* Who Signed the Letter
* The Credibility Markers (Seals)
* Phone Number on the Site or Not
* Images
* Gender of the People in the Images
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    Hard to argue with that. Testing is foundational to all direct response marketing. It's usually best to test only big things, as most little changes end up being neutral if you test long enough.
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    Must... test... must... test...

    I tend to forget this, even when it's pushed over and over. It's fundamental to maximizing whatever action you want the visitor to take. But sexy? Nothing in the business world is sexy. Never stared starry-eyed into my computer screen...


    It's not enough to want it... you have to want it enough.

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    Test, test, test, test, test, test, test, test, and then test, test some more!

    That's the name of this game! Excellent advice and basic introduction to split-testing OP
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    great post. Testing is a key to increasing profits. I try to do it when I can and when I actually have enough traffic to do it. Its sometimes funny to see how a blue banner could bring in more money than a red banner, for example, but those are the types of things that could make the difference between a website being profitable or losing money.
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