do you think classified ad like craiglist is still profitable?

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Do you think classified ad website like craiglist is still profitable if we want to build it?
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    I think the competition at this point is fierce. Getting that off that ground would be a major undertaking. When I arrive at a site that has even a couple hundred ads (which is hard to achieve at first in itself), I typically hit the back arrow almost immediately.

    That said.. if you can build it up like backpage or the very popular usfreeads, then yes... it would be very profitable.

    Personally, I think you would have to spend a lot of money to drive a lot of traffic there and a lot of other adverstising to make it work.
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    I know of many affiliates doing very well with CL marketing. It takes more resources to get your ads up these days but there is actually less competition because of the skill and cost of marketing.
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    mmm I mean, what if we build a classified ad website .... I mean, to be a craiglist....

    What do you think ?
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    thx guitarjosh for the answer... I'm planning to build one for my local country.
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      Yes it will be as long as get people to use it. You will need a good system to remove the clutters and spams.
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      Craigslist is like any other type of advertising method, it depends on how well you execute your marketing strategy. That being said, I think Craigslist is far more suited for certain types of brick and mortar businesses, merchandise for sale, employment, announcements, real estate sales and rentals, lead generation, etc. - much like the classifieds in your local newspaper.

      There is also the perception factor. I personally would never advertise my business on Craigslist because it has a sleazy reputation, and might reflect badly on my business

      David Jackson

      Powerful, Free Marketing Tips to Help Grow Your Business!

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      Originally Posted by visimedia View Post

      thx guitarjosh for the answer... I'm planning to build one for my local country.
      If that country don't have one yet, why not? The brick and mortar business will likely be your customers since they only serve locally. Don't compete internationally since eBay, multiply, craigslist, alibaba and what not are already in this field. Find your strengths in serving locally and your countrymen will find this valuable.
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    I tried it a couple of years ago after getting some pointers from a guy who had a site that was reasonably successful but it takes a LOT of time and effort to get to a good stage. You won't get any return for a while and it may be small so unless you really are desperate to do that, I would steer clear as there are other ways to make money.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Website / Blog for more info.

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    My first thought is, there are better ways to make money than trying to build a profitable classifieds site.

    If I were to attempt it, I would have it be a SPECIALIZED Classified Site, and try to nip off a corner of what CL has now. ..still a big challenge, imo.
    Bruce NewMedia
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    I have seen people getting business from free classified sites but one thing is that it's going to work out if you are going to post it on regular basis and this apply every where. If you post for a while and seat back waiting for call then it's not gonna happen. You can try to post your ads on different classified ads. Cheers
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    Originally Posted by visimedia View Post

    Do you think classified ad website like craiglist is still profitable if we want to build it?
    Personally, I think you can still make money from classified ad websites, but it is a lot of work for a small payoff. My other issue with this type of advertisement is that it could give your website a bad reputation and it is not going to be good for the long term.

    Benjamin Ehinger
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    Yes craigslist is still profitable. You have just got to know how to target the customers that you are trying to sell to.
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    I have use CL to sell stuff I wanted to get rid of and I just met the buyers at a gas station and they bought a bunch of stuff. I have done this a couple times and that seemed to work ok.
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    did yahoo's domination deter google?
    did myspace's domination deter facebook?

    So it's certainly possible.. but keep this in mind - the success of the founders of those big sites (the originals, as well as the guys who took over) is from venture capital and going public. Many of them run at a loss for many years.


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    Keep in mind, big, big companies like ebay have tried to compete with C/L in the classified ad sites and haven't been very successful at all.
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    Craigslist is like going fishing. You just gotta keep posting, and people will call you up.

    Depending on your marketing strategy, will determine if it still works or not.

    It still works for me, and I will continue to use it everyday.
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    I am still using CraigsList regularly to generate FREE traffic to my websites. Posting in the small biz ad section can work well if you know how. Usually I just post a good looking banner with a catchy headline. It is FREE traffic and free leads as well. Craigslist is a little tricky about the number of times you can post in one day but there are ways around that.

    Thanks for reading
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    sell| buy|Free Classified |For Sale | Sale is for sale. Its a classified ad site. PM me for info. I will will forward the information to the owners.
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    folks - the OP is talking about launching their own classifeds site in his country similar to CL, not posting ads on craigslist.


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      I think there is a big market for it. CL has pushed aside places like Ebay since they are lower cost. Start up money would be key...the more you have the better. Get a good start and build from there. Wish you well if you decide to do it.

      I might even be interested in becoming an investor if it takes off
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    thx for getting back to me guys. In one side it's a profitable opportunity but we need to have a very good marketing strategy on this..... Ya I know, the challenge is big in CL site beaxcuse lots of challenges... with small pay off
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    I think its dying now. Dnt get into it.
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