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My twitter account for my website is not gaining me traffic I have around 675 followers majority the same kind of niche as my website but still hardly any traffic coming from twitter. Anyone got any good tips?

my twitter is: Twitter
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    I checked out your twitter
    I think you have a couple of problems.
    First 675 followers is not a huge amount.
    Second have you checked out each follower?
    How many of them are real people and would be interested in what you have to say?
    Finally your biggest problem is that the majority of your tweets are promoting your site.
    Sometimes you post the same or similar tweet within an hr.
    You want to start posting links to interesting articles, not always on your site.
    The key is to become a resource people look forward to reading.
    With the above tactics i can generate abut 5 -6 visitors per Tweet and I Tweet about 10 times per day.
    I have over 2000 real followers.
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    Thanks. Am pretty new to twitter. well business & marketing wise. May have a clear out of people who are not real and then add more news type tweets related to my niche.

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    As revup pointed out "you are just promoting your site with your tweets"

    Most of your tweets should not be about promoting your site and just chatter, engaging your followers. Just talk about current events or things that are interesting

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      Hi Blackout17,

      Here is a quick tip when using Twitter you only want to have about 1 out of every 10 tweets be about your site or whatever you are promoting. So keep that in mind. One good way to find things of interest for your group is to add a few people you follow that are in a complimentary niches to your own. That way you can retweet interesting articles and post from them that will interest your market.

      Also if you can add quotes that are relative to helping your market. And be real. Make relationships with your followers, find out what they like, what their problems are.

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    follow people in your niche and they will follow you back. Tweetadder is a great software to do that, but if you dont want to buy it, you can easily do it for free. Just find a similar twitter site and follow their followers.
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    Twitter is mostly a good source of targeting and building a list of real people if you do it right, also helps get your sites spidered quickly.
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    You can try communicating with you followers. Read their posts and reply. Starting a conversation can get the gears turning.
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    I've noticed a fall in Twitter traffic as well on some of my other accounts. I've had to stop and read some different strategies and get a different angle on it. I think people are getting tired of the auto posting etc. don't know if you use auto posting at all but it seems to have dropped off a bit as far as twitter traffic.
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    Personally, I like to follow a lot of members of the WF, because I know they usually have good information. I've been tweeting within specific areas that interest me or I have a lot of knowledge. I've also been having some fun creating micropoetry. I also try to retweet things I find interesting be they quotes, links, or whatever.
    I'm still building my list of followers, but it is growing. Since yesterday afternoon, I've added 86 new followers. I'm sure I've got things to trim down, but for the moment, I'm happy. I know almost 700 isn't a huge number, but considering that's in maybe 2 months it isn't too bad.
    To me, the main thing with twitter is to be yourself and the traffic will follow naturally.

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