The right focus, with persistent, consistent action and you will succeed in affiliate marketing.

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If we try to do many things at once, we will end up doing nothing. Trust me, I had been there, done that.

We need to be a specialist in one thing, and do it really well. There are lots of ways of making money with affiliate marketing and how to generate traffics to our sites. like SEO, PPV, PPC, Media Buy .... so on.

However, we need to choose one method and one traffic source and learn it inside out, be a master of this one before moving on to do other things.

For example: promote clickbank products using SEO, or promote the Amazon products using SEO, or doing CPA offers with PPV and so on.

STOP buying new IM courses out there and you will succeed. Stick with the one you have.

WHY, because the more you buy and read. The more confused you are. You try this method today, the other method tomorrow, and other new methods the next day.

And at the end of the day, you haven't accomplished anything. You lose focus and feel really frustrated.

I hope this post can help many of the new WF menbers. And thanks for listening.

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