Premier vs. Business Paypal account?

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I have been in contact with Paypal as I need to upgrade my Paypal account from Personal to Premier or Business. What I am trying to figure out is why one would choose a Premier account, if the fees are the same. If you have some insight, please clarify this and let me know what kind of account you use and why. Thanks a lot! Here is some of the information that they have provided me:
Premier accounts are like Personal accounts but have more options when
selling items. With a Premier account, you can:

* Send and receive money.
* Make the same secure payments on eBay and merchant websites using
your credit card, debit card, or bank account as you can with a Personal
* Apply for a PayPal Debit MasterCard®.

A Business account has all the abilities of a Premier account but adds
many services. With a Business account, you can:

* Operate under your company or business name.
* Accept debit card, credit card, and bank account payments for a
low fee.
* Manage users, allowing you to give separate access rights to each
of your employees.
* Gain access to PayPal products that meet your business needs, such
as Website Payments Pro or Virtual Terminal.
* Use PayPal Business Setup to set up your account in a short time.
* Apply for a PayPal Debit MasterCard®.

Our fees are the same for all accounts - Personal, Premier, and
Business. We charge fees for the following circumstances:

* When you receive money from a purchase.
* When you receive payments from outside your country or region.
* When you send personal payments using a credit card. The sender
determines who pays the fee.

Transaction fees can range from 1.9% to 2.9% + $0.30 USD. If you receive
a payment from outside your country, you're charged a 1.0% cross border
There is no fee when you pay for a purchase or when you use your PayPal
balance to send money or make a payment.
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    You need to have a registered business, with EIN number, to get a PayPal Business Acct, as I understand it.

    ..assuming you already have those, the Business Account is presumably going to give you a more serious business appearance in PayPal's eyes, and may help, along with other strategies, to reduce the chances of having the acct limited.
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    Thank you. I will be in contact with Paypal about that.
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      business works for me.
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    I just phoned Paypal to ask them about the need for a registered business name, and you actually don't need that unless you're non-profit. So, business account it will be! Thanks!
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      Originally Posted by Kim Phoenix View Post

      I just phoned Paypal to ask them about the need for a registered business name, and you actually don't need that unless you're non-profit. So, business account it will be! Thanks!
      are u sure?

      i called paypal and they told me for business account you need to have a registered company name.

      Without it u still can open a business account and get money BUT BUT BUT!!! BUT when u try to withdraw OR there is some issues that arises related to ur account for instants, a buyer open a dispute etc PAYPAL will ask for documents, and it involves legal company registration documents.

      IF YOU CANNOT PROVIDE they will refund the buyer and hold your funds back, place limits, freeze ur account and u can say byebye to ur money.

      Whether profit or non-profit, u are better of with a registered company name.
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    For a PayPal business account you really must have a business with EIN as brucerby has already said.

    If you're about to begin a real business then this is your best option.

    I have a PayPal Business account. I sell physical products (exercise equipment) and shortly after starting out I had my PayPal account limited. This wasn't because I was doing anything wrong; it was because my account was new and PayPal needed to verify that everything was legitimate.

    I was asked to provide copies of my supplier invoices and shipping tracking information for all orders.

    I just feel you'll face less hassles if you sign up with PayPal business.


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    From my own experience, Premiere Account works fine for me, I have been sending money, receiving money through PayPal Premiere account and I don't have any legal issues about it. I also don't have limit and such kind.

    My account was once a personal account and just before I reached the sending/receiving limit, I upgraded it to premiere and then no problem at all. I even use my account for all business transactions. I also received money from registered companies and such.

    By the way, I am not from the USA, so maybe the services varies at some point?
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    I would never trust PayPal with my finances. I have heard far too many unsavoury stories to give them the one up on me.

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    I have a business account and have not had any problems at far.

    Cheers, Laurence. Read my Warriors for Hire ad.
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    I am having business account with paypal in my own name. Easy withdraw to my bank till now no issues faced.

    May be it depends upon type of Business Account & Place.

    Example Own Name, Company Name & area like USA, UK .. in my case its India.
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      Hi guys,

      I got it resolved. It seems that the company name was set as the payment details to our US bank account and the US bank account was in my own name so this was the conflict.

      I rang PayPal and they switched the banking (withdrawel) details to my personal name and now it works fine.

      All else stays they same, i.e. what a client ordering via paypal see's (The company name) etc ... it's just a back end solution via Paypal.

      So if anyone gets the same, its correctable if you ring them up


      Work in progress!!!!

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    The difference between premier and Business account is You can Take Payment as your Business Name from your customer and send mass payments from your PayPal Business Account.
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      I want to know some facts about opening business account in PayPal.

      I am Bangladeshi where still PayPal did not start giving their services. So as a Bangladeshi citizen I can't apply for a PayPal account whatever it is Personal or Premiere or business account. But to do online business it is necessary. Right now I am using PayPal of one of my younger brothers who lives in Germany. But I need a PayPal account badly.

      I am planning to do the following things to get a PayPal account legitimately.

      Step 1: I am planning to register a company in Singapore under this scheme: "Foreign Entrepreneur Without Relocation". This link provides a details of that kind of business registration: Singapore Company Incorporation Services | 3E Accounting

      Step 2: Then I shall apply PayPal to open a business account where I shall use the company name that is registered in Singapore under that scheme.

      My Query: Whether this way will work or not? What papers then PayPal will demand from me to open a business account with them?
      I shall be very happy if anyone answer my this question.
      P.S. That business is under Singapore government's regular Tax schemes and under their regular query.
      Kawser Ahmed
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    When you hit a certain threshold with PayPal Business you will get a dedicated account manager.

    No need for customer support anymore, instant help with any issue on your account etc (both technical and customer focussed).

    Don't look to MAKE money - look to HELP people and you will make all the money you can ever want.

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    Mine is a business account. No issues. No hassles. But hoping it will stay the same for a long time.
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    Hi I wish to use a Paypal premiere account to trial a new online business there is no company established yet. If the online product starts to sell I would then incorporate a company and set up a business account. Is this possible and are their any restrictions?
    Any advice on this really appreciated? Especially as I am starting with very limited funds.
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