Mayweather's Fight Resembles Internet Businesses

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I was just watching the Mayweather's fight tonight and I cannot help seeing the resemblance of certain events within the fight that resemble how things are in the Internet marketing community. You see Mayweather was had butted by his opponent. Only moments after Mayweather's came back and knock the opponent out while he was caught up in apologizing.

Some were saying that Mayweather's took a cheap shot, but the truth is, his opponent set the dominoes in motion. You will run across scammers cheaters and liars as you build your business but keep building your business and playing the game and don't get caught up in the drama of apologies. Doing this will cause you to knock them out of the game and things will work out for you.
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    The kid got caught up in the spotlight, and had way too much respect for mayweather, had he came there to fight and win, he would have. Mayweather won't survive manny, because manny isn't there to give you a hug in the middle of a fight, he's there to knock your head off and hit you a million times until you quit or give up, which he's done many times. Mayweather knows he can't beat manny, but will take the fight for the money. The sad part about this is, this was this kids shot, no one knew about him before this fight, and no one will care about him now that it's done shame he didn't realize that and make the most of it, he's got the talent, his mindset just wasn't there. Boxing in itself is on a decline, most people just don't care anymore, MMA and UFC are the new age boxing.
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    Mayweather reminded me of a Scammer

    He went for the quick buck made a killing, thinks his product don't stink, it was reviewed by others in his industry and they agreed it was a scam, now everyone is calling him what he is, guy who stole a fight with 2 sucker punches and he then had the Audacity to get upset when he was called a Scammer still thinking he won fair and square (the guy is delusional)

    On the other hand, the rules clearly state protect yourself at all times, and Ortiz gave him those 2 free shots.

    Either way they are both losers

    I agree MMA all the way

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    I seen the fight. No offence but Ortiz is seen as the scammer for me. He tried to cheat his way and got caught. Only when he got caught he tried to apologise repeatedly, like most scammers do. Mayweathers reaction is what people who scammed do, i.e win in the end via chargebacks etc.

    Btw, I loved his post fight interview, sometimes you have to say it as it is.
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      I think both of them tried to scam each other, and the result was, both of them are losers in their own way. Yes, when you are inside the ring, you need to protect yourself at all times and never gave your opponent a look at open areas to hit with. Never show your opponent your weak side and never let your guard down, since there are those who feed on other's weaknesses and would always grab the opportunity whenever they find time to do it.
      As a comparison to the match, in the side of Ortiz, he was too apologetic and his mindset was out from the match since he was way too apologetic. An apology would be enough, a touch of gloves will be enough as it is a sign that the other party had already accepted and doesn't really require a hug to really present his apology. Why on earth would a boxer hug his opponent inside the ring during the fight? For the internet businesses, it's like a person trying to seek sympathy from the other and wants other businessmen to really emotionally accept his apologies to the point that he will try to really do anything just for that apology. As a result, he left himself open and was sent to the canvas. It's like a scammer who tries to scam a person, but when caught, is like a baby trying everything to win the opponent to emotionally accept his apology. It is one of the weakest points of a person, man's emotion.
      For Mayweather, it was his right when he was head butted by Ortiz to complain to the ref of what had happened. But on the other hand, Ortiz gave him the chance to see daylight to his face and delivered the package that ended the match. Mayweather is like a scammer that waits for the opportunity to strike its attack to his/her opponent. It doesn't really have to be explained further, since opportunists will always try to inject their venom to the point that their opponent is caught off-guard with their strike.
      For me. Both of them are losers in a way that they are both like scammers in the Internet businesses.
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        I think tying this to IM is a little bit of a stretch, but maybe you just wanted to keep the discussion on the main board

        Nobody is really in the wrong in that fight. Ortiz fought dirty and they took away a point. Then he tried to apologize and paid for it. Lesson learned.
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    Would agree that it seems that both fighters could be likened to scammer. Ortiz, a scammer who was caught and to save face makes apologetic gesture that may have been tooooooo much. Mayweather who is an opportunist who hits his customers when they are not looking and knocking them down for their money. In any which case, I wouold not spend money in the future to watch their rematch, it's just too disappointing.

    ....Just wonder what would Pacquiao be, if it would be the Pacquiao and maywheather, I may spend to watch the fight. (Just hope Maywheather does not make lame excuses to dodge Pacquiao. . . That's why a lot has been calling him Gayweather. LOL)
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