Fundraising Ideas - Hoping To Get Some Good Ideas

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Hello Fellow Warriors,

I am looking for exactly what the title states. And would love to hear all the ideas you guys can come up with.

Here's the situation:

My best friend's father passed away last night and I wanted to help him raise some money. He is like a brother to me, and has always helped me out when I needed him. I have no doubt that people here in Hawaii will be willing to help, because he is a very giving person and has helped a lot of people. He's the type of person that will give someone he just met food if he/she needs it, even if it's the last food that he has in his house.

The unique situation:

Of course, I want to raise money to help him with funeral expenses but he has a unique situation as well. His wife and kids are in Washington right now, and I know he would like to fly them down for the week of the funeral. His wife is going to school there and is 60 days from graduating, so he of course wants her to go back and complete her degree.

I would really like to help him raise enough money to fly his family down, cover funeral expenses, and a little extra because I know he is struggling.

Ideas I have so far:

Making Lau Lau (Hawaiian Food) plates and selling them.
- His Mom is well known here for making the best Lau Lau's you can find. Would be an easy sell but some initial costs to get started would be needed.

Creating "In Memory Of" T-Shirts and selling them.
- Pretty basic idea, but there are cost to get started with this as well.

Writing articles online.
I have considered starting an article writing business online for a while now, but the thought of busting my butt for $5 dollars an article don't seem worth it to me. I have recently started writing for text broker but would like to start obtaining my own clients. No start up costs involved with this option but I think my time could be better spent doing something else.

I appreciate any feedback you guys can provide.

Aloha and take care,
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