Best ways to Create E-Book/Package Graphics

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Hi guys,

My question was I was wondering how you get your ebooks/cd/package graphics created quickly and easily. Do people use a software programme (if so which ones are good) to create these yourself or do you outsource them (and if so where and who does good work)??

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


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    You can try Fiverr for some quick and cheap graphics. Look for the people who are listed as bestsellers. Their stuff is normally quite good.
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    Here's a simple online tool to help you quickly create some covers. Its free but there is an upgrade available if you want.

    eBook Cover Creator - eCover Design Online Free |
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    Unless you're very good at graphics (and have loads of spare time), do yourself a favour and outsource, rather than trying to create something yourself, ending up wasting hours on fine-tuning it but still only getting an average result.

    As someone said above, Fiverr can be a good option. Or you can look around on forums and find a nice freelancer who you could work with on ongoing basis (it's always easier to work with one person as opposed to a bunch as by the 3rd or 4th gig they will already know your expectations etc.)
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    I've been known to do this type of work from time to time..............
    Need Custom Graphics Work? - Message Me For A Design Quote!
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    Previously i used to make my own graphics but it was time consuming, and i wasn't able to concentrate more on my products, so i now outsource all this stuff.

    If you find some good outsourcers then try to retain them and work with them on longterm basis, it'll greatly help you in your business.

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    I do my own graphics using Photoshop and the 1 Click Covers plugin.
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    You can try jobsfor10, ask for samples before purchasing.
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    Thanks for all your advice guys. Over the past six months I tried a few of the free software systems out there but found it too time consuming and/or cumbersome and diffcult to learn (read:not my idea of fun!!). Whilst I appreciate everyones expectations are different I was looking for a very high end look and feel for our graphics and many of the outputs from these free software systems looked like a book cover from the sixties!! I have now made a strategic decision to outsource ALL my graphics work to one person. I have found an amazing guy called Steve and his is the "MAN". The work he has done for us has been nothing but spectacular and the turnaround has been very quick. Nothing ios ever a problem....if you need a good graphics guy please send me a PM and I will hook you guys up.
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    You can use open office PDF generator... Type your content as an open office document then convert it as PDF using a button on the upper right of the open office window... then upload the PDF to google docs for your customer's access...
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    Photoshop Best ways to Create E-Book/Package Graphics
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      I create my own graphics but use high quality templates.

      Check out Cover Action Pro the price is definitely worth it.

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    I use photoshop to create ebook graphics.
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