Jason Moffat Is A Man Of His Word...

by Jeremy Kelsall 4 replies
Not that I ever had any doubt that he was...

but, he had a little contest here:


And offered some fantastic incentives to anyone that was willing to give him a hand. I did, and luckily I was one of two people that was chosen as a winner.

Anyway, I sent him a PM and within about 5 minutes got a message back from him telling me how I could claim my goodies!

I posted this thread for a couple of reasons...

1. I am excited as all hell.

2. I like to talk positively about people when I can.

With so many negative things that we see every day about marketer x, y, or z I think it puts everyone in a much more positive state of mind to push forward and succeed to read some praise about marketers every once in a while.

Thanks for the offer and delivering Jason!

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