Which Amazon ads are making me money?

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I recently added amazon ads to a few of my sites, and can see that I've made two sales so far.
But how do I track from which sites/ads these sales came?


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    Log into your affiliate centre - account settings - manage your tracking ids - and you can add different ids for each site (or split test on 1 site). You'll also find some great reports to show you how many sales, how much commission, how many clickthroughs etc.
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    Go to your Amazon "Home > Account settings > Manage Your Tracking IDs"

    and add tracking ids. You'll then need to update your links that you want to track with the new ID.

    I generally track by site or for a more granular view, by category.

    *edit* what PJ said

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    Great, thanks, guys.

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    Yes, as others have said you need to log into your Amazon account and add tracking ids - make sure that you have the one selected that you want to use and you should be good.

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