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Hi I hope someone can explain help me pls.

I rgistered a domain for an EMD about a month ago for a product launching in the UK in Feb12, registered through NameCheap.

Yesterday I setup wordpress, added Fantastico etc but was not allowed the www. in the domain. Just http://

Curious I typed the exact EMD (I registered) with the www. into my browser and bingo there it is http://

[Nb:spaces left in the url's on purpose]

How can this be if I have registered it???
What do I do and what can I do???

Thanks for any help/advice.
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    go into your cpanel and try to 301 redirect the www to the non www and see if that solves the problem

    never heard of this... good luck. you may want to just call your host, as I doubt the issue would be with the registrar.
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      Wait if you own the domain then domain(dot)com and www(dot)domain(dot)com are yours. First thing check the WHOIS and make sure it's your info. Then hitup your web host to see what's going on with that redirection in the host records. If they can't answer it get with the registrar and see what's up.
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    Check with WHOIS and providing you haven't got the privacy option you can see if you've registered it. It may well be that it's just an issue with your host. The www and not www version of your site aren't different domains to register.

    Check your spelling of your domain as well, it's surprisingly easy to get letters mixed up (I do it all the time) and then spend ages scratching your head as to why it's not working.

    It may be that when you create the domain on your webhost you have to have the www in front - some won't accept it and you'll have to recreate it.

    Failing all else, your webhost can help you - get on to their live support and they should fix it in a jiffy.


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    Chances are that this is just a "Holding page" set up by either the registrar or the host. Don't worry about it, they often do that.

    As regards the http:// and WWW. versions of your site just set up a redirect Google it - "how to set up a 301 redirect".

    Best regards
    Arran Wood
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    www is normally just a mirror but it can be setup to show different content. Just contact your host. They can fix it.

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