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by Xekeno
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How is everyone doing?

I have a website with 80 RSS subscribers, although you can't always see 80 subscribers on the feed. Only if I post something Interesting will I see the 80 subscribers in the feed when I check my feedburner account. Usually it's only around 20 0r 30 or less, but lets say I post what my earning are for the month, then I'll see a big increase for that day or post. So can I really say I have 80 subscribers?

Just wondering what's the best way to make a sale from them? Say if I wanted to post a blog post with an affiliate link, do you think it's possible to get a sale as soon as I do it or will it require more time?

So far my website has been up about 9 months, I get between 5-10 new visitors from search engines every day. Or at least that's what my wordpress plugin says, I'm not sure how reliable it is. Though when I check my website stats from my hosting account it says differently, my hosting stats are telling me I'm getting about 300 hits per day. So I don't know which one is more accurate?

My Global Alexa rank is about 1,300,000 and USA rank is about 275,000 and NY rank is about 72,000

I've made about $600 dollars online so far in these 9 months, but I haven't worked that hard at it, I usually get distracted or something. Also these funds haven't been made through my website, just through other sites like GPT and Article writing and Gigs.

Also, how well do you think I am doing based on the above as a money maker starting out online?

Is there a way I can tell what my sites average worth would be, based on the rss readers, daily traffic and stats?

Okay, that's it for now... Thanks for all your input, greatly apprecaite it!
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    Get StatCounter mate. its kind of free. atleast the beta version
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    Google analytics brah
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    the best online website analysis tracker. Is Google analytics for sure, because they have very sophisticated system, and they allow you to track many things
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