How Would You Market Yourself, As A Insurace Agent?

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If you were a insurance agent with a major insurance company, what ways would you market yourself?

How would you go about selling insurance with internet marketing?

Any suggestions?
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    I would give away tons of great advice - I would interact in every social media so I was the go to guy - I would give real examples of how I saved a client money or how a policy saved my client from financial disaster - I would also build relationships with key advisors who could refer me biz.

    The last point is to be one of the few insurance agents who can stand up and say "you don't need this policy or you don't need this much coverage"! That would put you in a rare group
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      Hi Steve

      I would use the way people search locally and feed these into a sales funnel.

      In your case if I lived in Berkshire England, (Which I do) I would try and rank for local keywords such as

      home insurance berkshire
      car insurance berkshire
      business insurance .......

      You get the idea.

      I would also have matching domains with these names. in the uk
      It's a lot of ground work in the beginning but after a few months you would start to get traffic and leads.
      What you have is a focused set of pages giving you leads to follow up.
      Just one idea for you.

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      I'm not an insurance agent, but I do generate a lot of what for me are "nuisance leads" of insurance quote requests, which I just sell to lead buyers. This is a result of writing articles about insurance for selling Clickbank/Amazon books. Writing articles for industry-specific online/offline publications is a powerfull and effective method to generate targeted leads.
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    Originally Posted by Steve Wells View Post

    If you were a insurance agent with a major insurance company, what ways would you market yourself?

    How would you go about selling insurance with internet marketing?

    Any suggestions?
    First of all I would make sure that you know what your companies limitations are, because I have worked with a number of financial professionals and they are one of the most internet marketing handicapped professions in the world.

    Second, once I knew what I could and could not do I would focus on one area. LinkedIn, Blogging, Instructional Videos, etc. Then I would just consistently provide value in that segment.

    there are a million insurance agents, but how many are Youtube agents with 1000 instructional videos on how to get the best insurance.

    Third, I would not be dry. The problem most financial professionals have (recovering mortgage broker)_is that they do not know how to market, so they just do what has always been done. It can really put you to sleep!

    Hope that helps!

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  • Originally Posted by Steve Wells View Post

    If you were a insurance agent with a major insurance company, what ways would you market yourself?

    How would you go about selling insurance with internet marketing?

    Any suggestions?
    Good question,

    Selling online is not easy, and with insurance, even more difficult as I am also in industry. What I have found to be effective with all online marketing is offering value based free incentives. As example, many people cannot afford insurance, life, health, dental or prescription policies, so everyone is looking for the lowest prices on the internet, so I use free offers to separate from the competition.

    One of the best incentives I offer for free is a discount RX Prescription Plan just for visiting my sites. Then I offer a no cost strategy to access a $50K Legacy Life Benefit, and if one is searching for health insurance, I offer access to an alternative discount health plan to attract prospects with a low price alternative. As anyone knows in the insurance business, low price sells policies, and you cannot get everyone, so I use loss leaders and back end alternatives to capture customers by using the tried and true free incentives strategies, and it works great. We have just added a free last will and testament option, so we just keep enhancing the benefits portfolio with money saving benefits.

    Success to all,
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    I think setting up a WordPress blog and just adding information... maybe even entertaining... content on it on a regular basis could help establish you as a professional to be trusted, and even liked! Intersperse dry info with personal stuff, like taking your kids to school for the first time, etc. You become a neighbor and a friend in that way, as well as a trusted pro.

    Co-Founder of the Whirlwind Success "VIP Club"... personal coaching for IMers and bloggers.

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    My wife is in a similar industry, real estate...

    we think of ideas on how to market her... Then I build landing pages and set up adword accounts. We find out what keywords and ad copy people react to, then we build marketing campaigns around that.

    we will make targeted direct response websites, postcards, etc...

    I'm sure the insurance agent has an idea of what people are looking for. The biggest challenge is making the ad copy that gets people's attention. Adwords is really good for that, although insurance clicks can be costly!!!

    Also, a facebook fan page with a custom landing page with a deal if you like me offer might work too
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      When you're in such a competitive market you need to specialize.

      "insurance" is just a Jack of All Trades type of market. I would strive to carve out a sector of the market and focus on it. For example, "post accident insurance" or "high risk car insurance for seniors".

      Don't try to compete in the levels you can't, instead become an "expert" in a niche that you can leverage. Similarly the recommendation for local keywords is good for the same reason - more specific.

      In general, find out what 80% of the market out there in your niche is doing... and then... DO THE OPPOSITE.
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    Be careful any suggestions garnered here don't
    violate any firm compliance policies, including
    issues related to advertising, so you don't put your
    license(s) at risk.
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    I work with an insurance agency in Massachusetts, where regulations are borderline ridiculous. We are not allowed to offer any "FREE" stuff, coupons, contests, anything. A lot of the published content has been informative, policy-related, general-fun, etc.

    A good way to grow leads for insurance is Twitter- watching people who are dissatisfied with their carrier, following local businesses/people, etc.
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    That very much depends on what type of insurance specifically and who your target audience is. I briefly worked for an insurance agency (left because I was planning to move and it wasn't worth building up a local customer base just so I could leave it behind) whose main target audience was people retirement age and older.

    Obviously that target audience is going to be different than if you are targeting a younger generation or whatever specific niche you might be in.

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