Should we sell or develop these domains?

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We have a number of potentially valuable domains that we haven't gotten around to fully exploiting yet.

Time and money have been the main reasons, as we have been concentrating upon our core business.

But a few domains we haven't done much with, might be worth selling.

I was hoping some experienced warriors could perhaps give us a rough estimate of what they may be worth.

I won't disclose the exact domains as that would probably be a little foolish. The four domains we have in mind to sell are either .com .net or .org

Each of the four domains is in different niches but they are all two word exact match domains with no hyphens.

Each exact match domain gets over 60,000 exact match searches a month on google. The highest one gets over 165,000 exact match searches a month.

They are in similar niches to these domain names and our domains compare with these kinds of exact match domains here:





Hypothetically, assuming these were ours, what would each domain be worth?

Each site currently has between 30 and 60 original articles on them, which were created between 3 and 5 years ago.

No backlinking has been done beyond a few dozen initial links.

This has been done this way to just get the domains aged.

They are not monetized at all right now as we have had other income sources to work on.

Now we are wondering whether we should just sell them and stick to the core business we know.

Can anyone offer some sensible suggestions on possible domain values?

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    Kind of hard to guess without being able to specifically evaluate each one on it's own merits, in terms of what competitors are doing, etc...

    You could always just put them up on Flippa with a reserve and see what the market thinks of them. You would, of course, do much better if you had some monitization in place and could show income stats.

    You didn't mention rankings or traffic stats, that would make a difference also.
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    It's difficult to estimate, but if they are as good as the examples you've given, I'd talk to a domain broker. They look quite valuable in my opinion especially with content and ageing and especially the .com.

    Do you know

    Roger Davis

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      Thanks boys.

      The domain names I chose to mention are a very good comparison of the 4 we may consider getting rid of.

      I had thought of putting them on Flippa, but have heard various opinions regarding pricing etc. I will look into the other site.

      We were also considering sedo.

      I think one of our thoughts is whether it would be worth investing some $thousands and getting some decent traffic and ranking before we put them up for sale.

      Buyers would probably have their own plans, but I guess building out a hundred or so pages of original content per domain and backlinking won't do any harm. We could even throw the content into any deal etc.

      But I was wondering whether we ought to get into it or not.

      My own gut feel is that each should be worth in the teens of thousands of dollars. Somewhere between $10,000 to $20,000 but I must admit that since I started looking at this in the last week or so, it is rather hard to predict the value.

      In terms of seo, I see no real difference between .com .net or .org, but obviously in terms of branding .com would seem better.

      Maybe I am way off with the valuation, but for us it probably wouldn't be worth selling any of them if we could at least reach these kinds of valuations.

      Any more thoughts?

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        Hi Mike,

        I would speak to someone like a broker, it might be a waste of time adding content, as the likely buyer might be a trader or domainer (who will maybe just park it). But if you were to create an income from the domains by building out sites, then it might be advantageous - ask a broker, go to a domain focussed forum.

        In terms of seo, I see no real difference between .com .net or .org, but obviously in terms of branding .com would seem better.
        If you look at the sale prices of similar domains, you'll probably see the difference.

        Roger Davis

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