Need to get my dad's construction website ranked..any good services?

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Hey everybody.

I don't normally deal with SEO. I know a bit about it, I just never really got into it. I work more with PPC/Media buys.

Anyhow, I'm in the process of finishing my dad's website for his private construction company. I am going to probably ad it to Adwords, and promote it some that way.

However, I want to get it to the first page or so for certain keywords pertaining local home improvements, etc.

Are there any well known services that warriors use to get it ranked? Any warriors here have WSO's that have worked well for them? Do I rank this site with a combination of backlinking and keyword optimization?

I have no problem paying (within reason) for the services. Let me know!

Thanks warriors.

:: Matthew NY
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    Hi Matthew, there are plenty of warriors here that have services, you might want to do a search and type in seo or backlinking; you'll get quicker then then waiting for a reply. Also you will be using keywords for the ranking of the words and the backlinks will push you up over time. You can also head over to Fiverr and search for SEO and backlinking services. If you do then filter gigs by Raiting. Hope this helps.
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    I see cases of local businesses with sites that don't rank but they get traffic through their easier to rank Google Places pages.

    A search for home: improvements, your city, might bring up up to 7 red stick pins showing local pages, getting more review and other directory citations than the competition should get a places page ranked.

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    I use Matt LaClear's SEO/linking service and am happy with it.
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    I work for local clients (more like lead gen where I get referral fees on a sale, but the point is it's local SEO).

    Local SEO is fantastic because it's not that hard to rank well unless you're in NYC or L.A. Even then it's possible to do well.

    The traffic volume is much lower locally so many good keywords won't have enough data in the Adwordskeyword tool. What I do is look for keywords globally for my type of business, then add my local towns to the better keywords on each page/post.

    For example, if your dad's business builds luxury homes in Naples, Florida, optimize a page, maybe the home page if it's the best kw, for "Naples Luxury Home Builder".

    Create tons of pages going after each town and each keyword. Go after the state, region, county, and any other commonly referred terms for a location your dad targets.

    A few tips:

    Put all towns and states in which your dad wishes to get business in the footer. For example, "Company name, a luxury home builder serving Naples, Miami, Daytona, Florida (FL) etc."

    It can get clumsy trying to add towns in the content on individual pages. One tip is to use examples. So on the Daytona luxury home builder page, write up an example of a home built in Daytona by your dad's business.

    Local SEO is not any different than regular SEO except you're adding towns to each keyword.

    I agree with webapex above that Google Places is a must-do effort and do it well so you rank in the top 7 (first page listing). It's a fantastic business generator. Again, it's not hard to do.

    Ranking in most locations does not require as much backlinking as going after global keywords. However, I consistently build backlinks each month to my local web properties.

    Test some landing pages for Adwords. Most local businesses don't do Adwords very well. I know my competitors all link to their home page. Create some customized pages expanding on your ads for higher ROI and you can do well.

    Like all sites, quality content is a must. Write some helpful content about what your dad's business does.

    You can try lead gen as well. I managed this very well for one of my offline clients. It generates many new clients. Actually, this was the first list I ever started building and it was super easy. None of my competitors offer any free books or reports. I do and prospective clients opt in for them and like them a lot.

    To answer your question more directly, the offline forum is where warriors discuss working for offline businesses. Check it out and if you like any warriors' posts, contact them.
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    You can submit your site to directory for free but some of them will take months of approval, also if you want it fast, say a week or within 24 hours, try their express submission(with payment of course). Absolutely your will gonna crawled up in the web as fast as you think
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      I think jgant made a great post with some good local SEO ideas and tips for you.

      I'm going to disagree with others who said to look at fiverr for backlinking and I would be really careful with a lot of the services offered here even.

      Those things are fine for that little MFA site someone threw up a few days ago or the site you built one afternoon to auction off.

      You are talking about a real brick and mortar business though. It is important that you understand what type of links are being built to this website. Most Warriors and Fiverr gigs are just throwing forum profile backlinks (which are just about worthless these days) or really trashy spun PLR with backlinks at the site. You don't want that for this kind of job.

      You really want to look for an SEO, not a backlinker. There is a big difference between the two.

      The last thing you want is to put all this work into your dad's website, just to see it get reported for spam.
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