Would Getting a Company to Sponsor Your 1st iPhone App be a Good idea?

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Was planning out a simple game for an iPhone App, and thought it might be good for a Company to sponsor the cost of programming, designing
and setting up a new iPhone App.

Any thoughts or advise on this?
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    Is this considered like a JV, or is the money like a gift for you?

    On a related note: One thing i learnt with app, is when you just plan to do one app- you are on the path to failure.. Well, thats my case as well..

    The real secret is to have a number of apps.. at the same time.. i.e network of apps

    Whats the latest movie you watched? Anything good?

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    Yes, actually its to release a series of game Apps. Company sponsor the cost of making the app. they will get advertising space and all that on the app websites, Fb pages etc.
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