Creating a plr site, need a little advice

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Hi everyone,

I've finally decided to make my first project creating an online plr store.
I have my domain purchased and have hosting with hostgator. Could someone
please tell me which platform provided with host gator I should install to easily list my products and upload my files. I'll upgrade to something better once I have a few sales. This is just to get my foot in the door and all these files off my pc, lol. Thanks for any advice you can give. It's greatly appreciated.
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    Well, it's a little more complicated than that. You have to build the site and have a payment and delivery system in place. I would use DLGuard for payment and delivery, but if you can't afford that, ejunkie does the same. Just uploading them to a directory is a sure way for them to get ripped off.

    You are, I hope writing these yourself rather than selling other people's PLR articles. There's demand for fresh content, not PLR that's already been around the block hundreds of times, plus most PLR I buy says you can't resell it as PLR.

    As for building the site, you could use Wordpress or just a regular html site. That's up to you and your skill set.
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      yep... go to your cpanel and click on the icon that says 'wordpress' - follow the on-screen instructions and you'll have a blog set up in no time. You can find some free plugins that allow you to take payment for digital products via paypal and deliver them instantly.
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    Like above, I would also recommend Tiffany Dow's PLR ATM. Peggy Baron also has a fantastic product about setting up a PLR store. Personally I preferred Peggy Baron's product, but I got a lot of information from both.

    On my PLR site I set up the website with WordPress and then used e-junkie as my delivery system. DL guard is better, but more expensive. I will probably switch later but e-junkie works and also lets you set up an affiliate program.

    There are coupon codes that can get you a 60 day trial and a 100 day trial of e-junkie for free as well!
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    Last time I knew the coupon code MEVIO was giving 4 months free at e-Junkie - definitely a good way to get started if you don't want to spend much, as it keeps your downloads protected and lets you set up a proper shopping cart.

    I also agree that a simple Wordpress blog is the way to go. In your cPanel, there should probably be a "Fantastico" option somewhere on the main page. You can install Wordpress through there and keep the default theme and just start adding pages for each pack.

    Good luck!
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    I don't use hostgator but if you do use e-junkie for your payment, the files are hosted on their server, so you won't be using much diskspace or bandwidth with the hosting plan itself that you have.

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    Thank you all for your opinions. You definitely helped me alot with figuring out how to get it set up. And thank you Suzanne, this won't be rehashed content. Not wanting to introduce it to warrior forum yet. Just getting it setup so its no longer a need to do, lol.
    Once I have it set like I want I will include it in my sig. Also thanks for recommending PLR ATM, have already purchased that in the past. Now back to business

    Sincerely, Brandy Roberts

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    This is an awesome thread man you helped get a lot of questions answered too. I also plan on opening a site in the next month or so. The great thing about it is even though we both are moving on the same idea, there is a demand for fresh and exclusive content there is plenty of room for everyone to cash in.

    "Successful people do the things unsuccessful people won't do" - (Somebody successful) :)

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