7 Things I Learned About List Building

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Here you go...

1. The money is in the list. Yeah, I know you know that but
are you really building your list like your life would depend on it?
I mean like a PITBULL!?

2. Email your list everyday or at least 4 times per week. My income
skyrocketed when I started to email my list on a regular basis.

3. Always email at the same time. Decide on a time (3PM EST for exemple) and stick to it. After a while your subscribers will subconsciously
get use to receive your emails in their daily routine.

4. Position your emails as NEWSLETTERS early on. On email 1 tell
them that they will receive your FREE daily newsletter.

5. The simpliest opt-in pages are the best. You don't need wordpress
and all this stuff. I create my squeeze pages in 5 minutes using
Kompozer. No need to try to make mommy and daddy proud with your
website, they'll be more proud when you pay for their next holidays ;-)

6. Share with your list simple actionable stuff that works for you. Even
if it's seems mundane or a given to you. People CRAVE simplicity.
One little idea per day can make a HUGE difference in their life over
a period of time.

7. Get out of the IM niche! It always make me sad to see people who
have never made any money online start a list in this niche because
everybody else is doing it. Health, fitness, relationship. sales,
self-help. success even spirituality are great niches where people
needs your help and are willing to spend money. Start from where you are now. You're a fitness coach? Start a fitness newsletter. You work in sales? Start Daily Sales Tips newsletter.

Hope it helps!

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