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11,000 U.S. libraries begin lending e-books for Amazon's Kindle.

Works this way.

1. A person checks out a book on their local local library’s web site.

2. After finding the book, select "Send to Kindle"

3. Redirs person to Amazon.com, where he logs in.

4. e-Book delivered via library Wi-Fi or downloaded through USB port.

If you write or publish, another reason to be building for Kindle.
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    Amazon has so many little know ways and means to market , it is truly amazing. This latest I haven't heard yet, how do they deal with copyright?

    "professional writing priced right "
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    I wholeheartedly agree with that last statement. The Kindle is and will remain one of the best gadgets of the generation. There are rumors of a Kindle tablet coming out soon as well, so that'll be interesting.
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    I have both a kindle and a nook color.

    I gave the kindle to my kid - I much prefer the nook (which runs on android - and I recently installed android on an sd card, and boot it up as a tablet when I want to ).

    amazingly, a lot of people don't realize there are other ebook readers out there (just like a lot of people didn't realize that an ipod was just 1 of numerous mp3 players, or that "Droid" is just one model of android phone out of maybe 100 available). And all of these other readers use a standardized ebook format (epub), which I support.

    That being said - if I were to publish an ebook for a device, I would certainly include kindle due to it's market share!


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