What is the best way to make a video that explains something in detail

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I'm about to create a video for a new website and program I am about to start. The explanation is kind of detailed which is why I want to make a video out of it. I've been building the site for a couple of days trying to explain it in parts in different articles but it just doesn't translate well. I think a video is really needed to explain correctly.

What type of video do you think would work the best? I'm debating between making a video of me standing in front of and using a dry erase white board and "teaching" in the video or making a Power Point type of video with a bunch of fancy graphics which might look a little more professional.

The video is going to promote a fund raising program for Churches and other organizations that raise money.
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    I would definitely recommend the standing in front of the white board option. Videos that show your face and have a real person in them attract people more and will make them easier to watch.

    Power point videos are ubiquitous among the IM world these days and it just gets boring.

    Make sure you don't shoot it all one angle though. I know it's difficult to do so, but getting close ups of your work on the board and your face will really help the value of the video and make it not so boring. Close ups are key.

    Also make sure your audio is very good quality. If you are stuck with the on camera mic you don't have much to work with but just do the best you can. Audio is 70% of what you see. Trust me this is coming from a guy who has a degree in TV/Video production.

    Good luck with your project!
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    I agree with Nathan. Standing in front of a dry erase board explaining it.

    However, may I throw something else in? How about doing a mixture of both? So you may start your video out with you standing in front of the white board show some things real quick and then "go into more detail" with a PowerPoint. Then cut back to you with the white board and so on.

    Good luck,
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    Good point Jim. Mixing it up is definitely a good idea.

    Be creative, and make it interesting. Just make it where you know you would be interested if you were a random person watching it.

    Another thing is, make sure you smile and have energy in your voice! It drives me absolutely crazy every time I watch some training videos or something and the person has a boring slide presentation and then they talk like they don't give a rip and just woke up! Spice it up, be happy, and your customers will feel the same way.
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