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I can't complain. I do OK online, but have a ways to go. I make money anyway that I can.

I can't seem to get past $400 a month on CB.

This means that my average is just a little over $100 a week, which I'm really proud of.

I've had a good amount of $100+ days

I've had weeks where I damn nearly pulled in $300!

But I can never get past $400 - $500 a month total.

Some people would dream to make that online, while others probably think of it as just change.

Regardless, I started about 4 years ago and have worked INSANELY hard to get this far, but for the life of me - for about 1 to 1 and a half years I can't seem to grow my income beyond this.

That's the way it seems to always go. Bam! $100 in one day. I'm like yes! the beginning of the week and I can reach a new record because I've got 6 days left to bring in more money, and then 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, for those days.

It jumps around a lot and I understand that's the nature of this business.

But...if anyone has been through this, or has any words of inspiration or some advice - I'm all ears.

I'm trying my best to replicate what I've done and get more offers out there.
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    Seems like you have a good system going. Are you collecting emails? Or sending them straight to CB sales pages?

    Since your already making money, making more can be broken down into expanding your market reach, building an email list, and maintaining relationships with your subscribers. Simple advice I know, but start with the fundamentals and brainstorm from there.

    Facebook page for inspiration & JV opportunities-


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    Don't know if this would help. Just read an interesting post on a FB experiment. The Warrior had an hour to spend. He researched 16 businesses. Wrote down enough information to contact them. Called and had no response or contact. Followed up with an e-mail. In the subject line, he said saw you on Face book. From the e-mail, he received 2 contacts. He had closed one Client and was booked to meet the other.

    Posted this as it may be time to add to what you are currently doing by using another form of contact or marketing.

    Just a thought.
    Best of luck in achieving MORE than you dream of.
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    Capital - Brad here. I agree - it sounds like you have a solid foundation and "system" that is working. Multiple streams of income may be what you are looking for at this point.

    I suggest you look into Chris Farrell Membership. His training is exceptional. He trains on web pages, facebook and building the list and marketing to the list. His program has free unlimited hosting as well. It sounds like you may be ready to "step out" into the next phase of building a very profitable business.

    Another site you might want to check out is Pat Flynn at SmartPassiveIncome.com. He has a niche profit challenge and a number of exceptional technical posts that may be useful to you.

    Between the facebook, twitter social media, list building, and blogging - the adsense may really take off with a touch of their training.

    Hope this is useful to you. Congratulations on your progress. Your progress is very encouraging. You deserve to be proud of your accomplishment. There are so many that quit long before they make even their first dollar.

    You are obviously sincere about your business - and you will succeed.

    Best of luck and prosperity to you!

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    I know you're not where you want to be but to look at it positively, you're making a lot more than a lot of people here are. You're doing something right.
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      You're doing great as far as I see. I've been in this IM business for more than a year and I'm earning less than a hundred dollars per month from my online ventures (not counting my freelance jobs).

      I suffer from a lot of distractions aside from the fact that my workplace is uncomfortable (no air conditioner in my very hot room), but I'm not quitting. I would be extremely happy to be in your shoes right now, earning $100 a week. Count yourself fortunate to be in your position, but don't be complacent. Strive to reach bigger goals and earn more money.

      You already know how to make money, and you already have a system in place which can make you a consistent income if you replicate your efforts. You're better than most people who don't have a system or jump from one system to another.

      I'm working on my own system which I intend to follow. However, I have always put off applying this system because I needed to earn some "instant" money through my freelance writing jobs.

      Good luck!
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    Try picking a different niche, one that has high payout, high consumer base, and low competition. You could try checking out the product in my signature, more than a few warriors have picked it up and are doing quite well.

    Affiliates Wanted --> http://Pwnboxer.com <-- Promote to your MMORPG/World of Warcraft Niche
    Insanely Popular Software Lets You Play 5x WoW+ On 1 PC - 100% Legit Bliz Approves Multiboxing
    Current Affiliate Stats: June 4th 2011: EPC = $3.50, Conversions = 10.2%, $23.50/sale

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    It seems like you know what you're doing with online marketing. You should do some offline marketing. It's so much easier and you can land clients for minimum $500/month just for doing email marrketing or fb marketing.

    It's a lot easier since they "already" have a raving fan base. You just need to help them collect their customer's email address (offline and online) and build relatioonship through fb.

    After building trust with you clients, you can upsell seo or website redesign. whatever you want.

    just my two cents... =)
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      Thanks for the kindness and feed back all!

      It's been really tough to get this far. I promote a lot of different things but have probably had more success from my own product. Thinking about launching a few others.

      I tried the email marketing thing about 3 times and found that to be very difficult to get leads and keep them happy, no matter how much good content I gave away.

      I think staying to one plan is hard to do, but when I have it's not always worked out as expected. I have invested months and months working on no more than say 3 sites to rank and improve, only to find out that after they were ranking that they weren't making any money.

      I have seriously thought about taking on local clients and working with them to grow their web presence and already have ideas for a small company.

      Again the problem is that I'm just one person, don't have quite the budget for major outsourcing and really need to stick to one thing at a time.

      My 1st big dream goal is about $4000 a month. So I definitely need to scale things up, but the biggest problem in sales/marketing is that you can't seem to count on consistent numbers. So the only thing I can think of is to get as many offers out there to get leverage and make greater numbers work for me.

      Do you think this is foolish thinking?
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    It fully depends on the business model you are using but ultimately making more money comes down to one of 2 things.
    1. Drive more traffic
    2. Improve conversion

    There are many many methods to do each. But keep it simple and the numbers will get better.
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