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I have some budget that I'm currently looking to invest.
I'm just wondering are there any recommended softwares or programs that worth a try or invest in order to provide our fellow warriors some sort of IM related services?

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    I would check out the WSO section. You should find something on there you are looking for.
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    You don't give us very much info with which to go on. Can you be a bit more specific regarding what you actually want to do.

    I would also suggest that reather than jumping straight in and spending money you learn some of the basics. Many WSO's are great info but are simply things you can learn for free by reading posts in many of the online forums and asking questions.

    There are also many free guides for beginners which can help you without having to spend a penny.
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    If you aren't a War Room member, I would join. It's one of the best investments you'll ever make.

    Also, as far as software goes, Market Samurai is not only great, but the training they give is superb.
    Zach Waldman - Los Angeles Magician
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    Here's a tip:

    Spend a month here checking out all the subforum, and reading as much thread and forum postings here.

    If you find a topic that you like, click "Search" (top, right hand) and get to researching about it. Get yourself to speed about the topic that you like.

    From there, then only buy courses that is related to what you want in the WSO. Before that, make sure you do your due diligence by asking any question you want to ask to the seller.

    This way, in one more month, we will have a more informed you, rather than one confused dude who screams murder about the wso forum. :-)

    Whats the latest movie you watched? Anything good?

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    question is, what kind of programs/services are you looking for?
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    What I'm looking for is some soft that gives me some sort of secret (idk) method that provides services?

    i dont know - something like backlink generator? is there such a thing?
    or um, SENuke? i'm not sure what this is .. but i think it's some program that I'm looking for.....

    I have found out that, there is no easy money on the world, so I want to actually do some work (for someone) to earn some money?

    what do you think?
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      Hey Icn,

      It sounds to me that you need to do a bit more research into IM and create a plan for yourself. Not knowing what software/program to use or what they are for screams out that you are not ready to jump into this game blind. Although i am very big on the idea of just getting started it sounds to me that you need a good solid course to learn from. I recommend "rapid formula" by matt carter as it gives you a fantastic base to work off and then you could devise your own plan of attack after you master that course. It's not free but definitely worth it in my opinion. I don't know Matt personally so i have nothing to gain from telling you this.

      If i took you up wrong i apologize...
      Strong Men and Women put themselves in harms way
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    There are a billion backlink services already on the WF. Hold onto your money and do more research until you find something you want to offer to people.
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