"Generation YouTube" Segment on ABC's 20/20 Last Night.

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Hello Everyone,

I don't know if anyone saw the "Generation YouTube" segment last night on ABC's 20/20. The whole hour was dedicated to showing how people were making money with their videos they uploaded to YouTube. I found it pretty interesting.

If you would like to see the videos, check them out at '20/20' Friday Nights at 10 p.m. - ABC News
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    I'm from the UK so obviously I didn't see it but I'm watching it now and just goes to show anyone can make money off the internet.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    James Scholes
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    Thanks for posting this. I saw it and thought it was really interesting. I was just recently telling a friend who has received a large number of views on her YouTube channel how she should harness that for her own benefit.

    I'm not familiar with YouTube's revenue sharing model, but based on what my friend was telling me she receives Adsense revenue from ads clicked on her site. She said that this amounts to a couple hundred bucks every couple of months. When I looked at the ads that were running on her channel I was shocked because I know that YouTube is making a heck of a lot more on those ads.

    I am curious as to how the kid who was in a daze from the dentist office is netting 6 figures off of that video alone. If anyone saw this segment or know how he's doing that, PUH-LEEZE let me know because I am not ashamed to pmp my children in the same way

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      Your welcome.

      My sites coming soon...
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