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Hi there,

I have used a 404 redirect to a master page to help me generate what page to display based on the link:
Eg www.adslgeek.com/dslmodem/

Will then include the modem page based on what is after the dslmodem/ eg www.adslgeek.com/dslmodem/d-link to display all the D-link modems

BUT the only problem is when I put up a google sitemap, Google is detecting the 404 so erroring all the pages!

Does anyone have an idea to redirect all the URLs to the php script that builds the page based on what the URI is.

Hope this makes sense!
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    In the end I answered my own question - the answer to this is mod rewrite for apache servers, and this translates the displayed URL into different terms to the PHP script.

    Rewrite engine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    mod_rewrite, a beginner's guide (with examples)

    It is doing my head in at the moment, but I will get it working soon.

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      Glad you found the right way to do this. You should be sending a 200 OK status code for those URLs assuming you have a page to serve on them. If someone gives you gibberish that you can't route to a real page, then send the 404, but you may have to do it manually through your script with header() now.
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