E-Mail Marketing will change forever!

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I just came back from dmexco, the most important fair about digital marketing. One thing that really has thriven me was the dynamic emails which are coming up more and more.

Imagine E-Mails that can change their content! Unbelievable all the possibilites that come with that.

I have the script of the seminar, you can download it here and make your own opinion about it. It containts many examples of the usage of dynamic email content: http://spamlinkprotector.com/dmexco.pdf

I hope for an active discussion on this.

The speaker told also about an possibility for online shops, where status of orders changes dynamically, but I personally think that it makes no sense. Other uses as the work with countdowns and so it is really really great!
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    I don't know how excited I would be about dynamic email as we move into the realm of mobile computing. I check my email on my phone way more than on a computer so it is easier to get simple and easy to read emails. And good copy always sells better then pictures and such.

    Maybe I am not seeing where dynamic email will be used. But for me I see dynamic order statis as far more important to me as a consumer vs. dynamic email.
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      I can think of few things more useless.

      I open an email once. If it changes its content, I will never know.
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    Let's see ... spam link protector under your user name, spam link protector linked in your post, spam link protector WSO in your sig ....

    Hmmm ... could you have opened a thread to promote your spam link protector by any chance?
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