Syndication Of My Free Pdf 15 pg report Offered On My Site Ok

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Syndication Of My Free Pdf report Offered On My Site Ok -- The purpose of the ebook is to build an optin list but should I be considering offering it on all article directories for syndication !

There is more content that has to be added to my ebook but it already created and being offered on my site .

Just wondering what are the pros and cons of submitting my it to top article directories that accept 15 page reports for syndication !

I am not ready to do this until I am for sure that this is not going to come back and bite me on my butt big time .....OUCH THAT HURTS

What comes to my mind is this ... what am I missing out on if I do this too quick without thinking out through well.

What opportunities exist when submitting a ebook or report to article directories and what should we do to maximize the opportunity ?

Something makes me nervous not sure why, but the purpose of this free report is build my email list and how can this move on my part hurt me is my question and then some that I am not even thinking about right now.

This has been a very productive day for me, took out the time to invest in learning and had time to do it, this will not be the case after tomorrow thanks so much to everyone and alexa
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