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by Richard Moog 6 replies

I want to lauch some sites to promote ebay and other affiliate programs.
These sites will be made with wordpress,easy going.
For this I will also use phpBaypro to create my ebay promoting sites.

Now I am thinking all the day about niches and how to find some good domains.

Can you recommend me some ways how to find some niches and domains for those niches.

I know I ask you a lot and this is already asked many times,but please don't shoot me
I asked you this because i really got lost and my brains are getting crazy

Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Richard a good source is Clickbank. There are niches that are divide into various categories according to the niches you may be looking for. Don't go though too many sources it just confuse you even more.

    From there I hope you can find your footings.

    Best of luck in your search.

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      Thanks Mikelee.

      But am i right if Clickbank is only offering digital products?
      Correct me if i'm wrong

      I suppose there are also tools to find some niches.

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        I will suggest you IPOWER services, sinced they have been the best hosting company for years...

        i was totally newbie but IPOWER made everything became easy for me..

        i hope that info can help you..


        best regards,

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          Sorry,but you are talking about hosting
          And I am talking about niche research
          Ipower has nothing to do with niche research I suppose....

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            Great SpiceRobby,such a thing I was looking for
            This will already help me a lot.

            More advice is still welcome.

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        Hi Rich,

        I'm sure you'd like to explore this eBay page:

        You can find the hottest trends, dig through the categories etc. - it'll give you a very good picture what's selling on eBay and what could be good ideas for your niche-targeted websites.


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