What am I doing wrong? Please review

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Hi everyone,

I am new to affiliate and online marketing. I have been trying for about 6 months, but as I am a bit lost, the efforts were not "integrated". Recently after reading a few threads in this forum and some others, I have optimized one of my blogs a little and wondering if I am doing it alright.

I have about 500+ hits on my blog a month
About 80-100 of them clicks through to amazon
So far I have 580 click throughs but still no sale.

Here is my site: manvswild.iba-ju.com (i wrote the address wrong the first time)

Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong? Or did I just choose the wrong product.

I would really appreciate your guidance. I am trying to make my mark in affiliate marketing along with my web designing business.

Thank you in advance
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    Cant see your site. In short you will only make money if your visitor is a targeted visitor. You cant sale a IM product to a person who is looking loose weight
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      Originally Posted by abumadni View Post

      Cant see your site. In short you will only make money if your visitor is a targeted visitor. You cant sale a IM product to a person who is looking loose weight
      Yes you need to focus on targeted traffic
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    Yeah... I am unable to view your website as well. What is the niche?

    Elizabeth Fee
    The Niche Mom - My personal blog to inspire and guide you towards earning an income online.

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    What is your blog about? Is it a 'hot' product in a 'hot' niche? Or have you chosen something to market because you want that product?
    You must first ensure that the product is one which is wanted and very much sought after. Has it the right keywords in the title AND in the copy? Check this to make sure you are trying to get people to look at something a lot of them really want. Do some more research and tweak it up a bit....
    Good Luck!
    Andy Moore
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    I am really sorry, the address is manvswild.iba-ju.com

    I wrote .org by mistake!
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    Hi, I looked at your site. I suggest focusing a lot more on content. The reviews are good, but I didn't realize you had any content until I clicked through. Show more of the content on the home page versus just the title and picture. Also, articles around the topic would be great. Behinds-the-scenes info, going deeper into certain survival techniques that Bear uses, etc.

    I've seen some great Game of Thrones sites that hit the sweet spot. Might want to check out some of them to get ideas.

    Good luck!
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    A side note try the sharethis plugin instead of the shareaholic plugin.
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    I think your concept is awesome! There are a ton of fans of Man vs Wild out there and plenty of them want to try to be Bear Grylls.

    Number one, I think your domain name is a problem. Others may disagree but I think that may be detracting from your site's status in the eyes of visitors.

    Just like dhudiburg said, you need more content, both for the website as a whole and for the individual product reviews. For example with the Ultimate Knife, I would list all of the features of the knife and then discuss how each feature would benefit the customer. Then at the end you can tie it all together with what you currently have written. I would also compare the features to other knives on the market that are similar. I would include an image of the knife (clickable with your affiliate link) at the top left corner of the beginning of the post along with a call to action for buying it. That corner is the most looked at part of most web pages so you want to have your most important message right there for people to see. I like the videos that you've included. I would add an affiliate link directly beneath them. Also, check Youtube to see if there are any customer reviews of the products that you can add to the posts.

    I'd add a graphical ratings system like stars or something that will allow visitors to easily figure out if the product has been reviewed favorably or not.

    I'd make the home page static with a discussion on what the website was about and how it will help the visitor. Then I'd include links to the reviews of products that Amazon said were the most popular.

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    that's some good advice

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    Thank you all for your great advice. So here is what I need to do:

    1) Add more content, basically to drive traffic to my site.
    2) Add more content to the existing articles, preferably with specific product features.
    3) Change the homepage to something more content rich (done. But will need some more time to figure out the perfect content for the homepage)
    4) Change the domain to a TLD. But currently I would like to make a sale first, before investing. I need some motivation.
    5) Change the position of the images. Place them in the top left corner.
    6) Ratings system to show a products quality

    Thank you again. If you can share your experiences with me, that would be great too. Also, is the sidebar of the site ok? Or should i add some product images there?

    Another question. Should I try to built a email list? As I am a webdesigner, I have designed quite a few landing pages and the clients always put much emphasis on building email lists. I am not sure how to use that list, thats why I havent added an opt-in form there. Actually, my clients are the reason why I am trying to enter affiliate marketing. When I started I thought that, I have created hundreds of landing pages, custom opt-ins for my clients who are into online marketing. So why not try it for myself?

    Thanks for reading!
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    Thank you for all your advice.

    I have been able to sell a total of 14 products from this website. But 12 of them are not the products that I promote.

    I have 300+ clickthroughs in a month, but still the conversion rate is very low. It took about 1000+ clicks to sell those 14 products. What should I do to increase that rate?

    Thank you
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