Designing website for warrior members. Do You Think THIS Will Work?

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I'm a web graphic designing and also good in web designing using dreamvaer software and frontpages.

i'm thinking of offering a service to warrior members to design a ready made websites with unique graphics but without the domain name and hosting]

i can even create a niche and build a site on it for individual.

but not real sure if people here will the buy service.

What do you think i should do?

Thank you
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    Check the warriors for hire section and the classifieds section...several people offer to build sites here and many of them make some decent money from it as well.
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      I do it.

      But I'm a little concerned that you say you're a 'graphic designer', and do 'web designing' in Dreamweaver and Frontpage. As any web designer or graphic designer would know, neither of these can be used to 'design' websites (unless it's an image-less website). The industry standard is to use Photoshop or Gimp.

      I'm also concerned by the fact that you're using an outdated, discontinued software (ie Frontpage). It's 8 years old; the last release being in 2003.

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