This Conversion-Boosting Secret Turns Your Visitors Into Subscribers (And Subscribers Into Buyers!)

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If you have droves of people visiting your website, optin pages, and sales pages but NOT opting in or buying your product, then this post will explain why, and what you can change NOW to start making more sales, with your same traffic.

If you do not read this post, then the overwhelming majority of your traffic will instantly distrust you and bounce away from your site at any opportunity, which means you will lose sales left and right.

The solution to boosting response and conversions from visitors->subscribers and subscribers->buyers is to include this one "magic element" into your sales pages, your video voiceovers, your optin pages... on any page or piece you want to make a sale.

"Oh great, ANOTHER magic bullet? I've seen enough of those..."

But this is a completely different technique not used by 90%+ of marketers and not used enough by 99.9% of marketers.

Which means that the moment you take action and put this missing element into all of your sales messages, you'll be leaps and bounds above all your competitors.

This is the same "secret element" used by WORLD-CLASS COPYWRITERS like Bencivenga, Makepeace, Carlton, (late) Halbert, Kennedy, writers for info publishing GIANTS like Agora, Early To Rise... that they all mutually agree is perhaps the single most important element today for boosting response through the roof.

Before I tell you what this element is, let's take a quick look at your industry.

Your space is full of competitors and is quite a mature market. People have heard all of the hypes, empty promises, tall claims, and just don't believe most of the claims they read about...

... even if they are TRUE!

This is a major problem for you. You can advertise your products and services with the best intent, but nobody will even give you a chance to educate or sell to them if they don't trust you or believe you.

Knowing this, world-class copywriters have been secretly sprinkling this magic element into ALL of their copy, and is responsible for the single addon that instantly and universally boosts response on any sales copy.

(And if you study platform salesmen, you'll also notice that the MASTERS use this technique as well, and thus turn the quiet crowd into a frantic group of rabid buyers who compete to dish out their wallet before the guy next to him does) what is this "magic element"?

I'll give you a hint.

Let's say you designed the PERFECT landing page. It has every "sales element" you think you need:

- Targets an emotional, overwhelming desire... check.
- Gives a strong and unique promise that nobody else gives... check.
- Thoroughly explains what the product being sold is... check.
- Gives a well-presented and generous offer & price... check.
- Gives a strong reason to act now... check.

...then why are people not buying from you?!

It's because you're missing this element. And once you plug this missing puzzle piece into your business, you will surprise yourself at how many more people subscribe to you, buy from you, and believe you.

Here is the secret...


Overloading your sales copy with PROOF is the single best way to keep your prospects' attention to your sales copy. Why?

People just don't believe the big promises they hear anymore...

...unless you back them up with unquestionable, rock-solid proof. People will instantly shift from "yeah, yeah, I've heard that before..." to "wow! this will really help me, how can I buy?"

So how do you insert proof? Here's the top ways to use proof to boost your sales:

1. Demonstrate
Show video of product in action. Before-and-after photos. SHOW that your product works.

2. Creative guarantee
Go beyond a traditional 30-day guarantee. Challenge the prospect to "take advantage" of your special guarantee. For example: "If you don't lose 20 pounds in 45 days flat using this product, then I WANT YOU to ask for double your money back"

3. Give a specific reason why
Pair your big promise with a REASON WHY. For example, let's say you're selling a new brand of soda. A horrible slogan that people will immediately dismiss without thinking is "The best tasting soda". It's just not believeable. But if you change it to "The best tasting soda because it contains 10% apple juice", people give it more credibility and can justify in their minds why your soda truly is the best.

4. Be specific
This is the most overplayed proof element used by online marketers, especially in the "make money online" market. For example: "make money" vs "Earn $18,932.49 in 37 days" There are other, more powerful proof elements open to you.

5. Explain the mechanism
HOW does your product work? Go into detail about HOW it works, and people will be more likely to believe your promise. For example: "you can lose weight" vs "you can lose weight faster than with other products because this is the product with the scientifically-proven method to lower ABL, which is responsible for causing your body to gain fat."

6. Acknowledge disbelief:
Is there something that doesn't seem credible about your promise? Then BE OPEN about it. If you don't mention it, they'll resist your ENTIRE sales message and never fully believe you. But if you are open about it from the start, then people will trust you. For example: "Make $1,500 in just 30 days from scratch? You've got to be kidding me - this is a scam, right?"

7. Highly credible testimonials
Also heavily used by online marketers, along with specifics. Testimonials of people getting a specific RESULT from using your product is absolutely key, but is just the bare minimum for a proper sales message. You also need these other proof elements.

And here's an absolute killer secret... if you carefully read each word and pay attention to it...

> Create a "moat" for your product

Warren Buffet, the most successful investor (and wealthiest) investor in the world, said:

When I invest a company, I look for companies that have a moat, a unique position in the market that nobody can touch.
Imagine your product could show a promise NOBODY could match. Or had a mechanism nobody could match. For information products, you can use something like:

"This is the only secret that Guru XYZ revealed to me, back stage, at conference ABC... and has never revealed to the public."

"This is the only product that combines the expert advice from gurus X, Y, and Z in this fashion"

In medieval ages, castles were built with a MOAT surrounding them so that soldiers couldn't touch the castle or get anywhere near it. Build a moat for your product, and showcase it, and your competitors will never be able to touch you.


Without proof, prospects don't believe you, don't trust you, which means they will never buy from you. But overload them with proof on EVERY sales message, and they will see you as an expert and be more likely to buy from you again in the future.

Don't make the mistake most marketers make and put this action of "adding proof" on your backburner, something to do later. You're losing sales each day you don't use enough PROOF in your messages!

How are YOU going to add proof to your sales messages? Comment below!
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