Ive set everything up but traffic is dismal

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New here pls have mercy

I have been on many sites from Linkedin to here looking for the best "how to" with zero finances available to get traffic to my website(political in nature with very unique content). I have taken a lot of advice along the way most recently adding a blog to the site. I was told all my facebook posts were direct links to others not beneiftting me. Thing is if people join my FB page then they know about the website if you follow me. IMM makes no sense as I feel I am reposting info already posted but whatever I do it and post everything to my blog that then goes to FB. I have Facebook Fan Page and twitter connected so anything posted feeds into twitter. I also have a youtube channel for some vids I have put together. I think at this point I have the basic social media structure in place.

It seems that most of the advice out there is what to do once you get visitors, not on how to get them. Thus the social media framework. I even asked a guy with a successful fitness business to take a look and he said my content is negative. Well it is and isnt.... it is b/c I ID the problems going on giving solutions on what to do. (this is another story in itself my stats say he didnt really put any time into the site)

Regardless of content how do I get ppl to the site to make that determination in the first place!!?? I have been posting comments with links back to my site but that equates to approx 4-6 pages a week of comments. I have been doing that well over a year half and Im pretty close to burnout. I go on some forums with link back signature but again writers burnout on the content. I have also emailed several sites requesting link exchanges, only few responded. I see from many sites on traffic building to submit articles to article databases... is it worth it?

I know there is a market for what Im preaching. I do get traffic 100-200 on avg to the site(depends on how much commenting I do) but nothing to the level I need to spread my message; and yes sorry to say to generate an income via sales of novelties with my logo on them and from adsense. Yes I have sold "product" so I know what I am doing has a market.

Outside of buying ads what more can I do? Clearly I am missing something in generating traffic to make this abusiness for myself. I have another in the bullpen but need everything hammered down with this one before I launch the other. Please help!
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    try this


    This was free and I'm sure the author wont mind you using it

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      you need to learn how to build search engine traffic.

      It can get complicated but the general formula is simple:
      1. Do Keyword Research
      2. Create Content with those keywords
      3. Build backlinks to that content from quality sites/blogs
      4. repeat

      you say you're already building links, but are they high quality? are they nofollow? does the anchor text contain your keywords? do you have enough content? have you used the google keyword tool to see how many monthly searches there are for your keywords? Are you using google webmaster tools to keep up on your SEO progress? Do you have a sitemap submitted?

      You should think about doing some guest blogging too, those can be very high quality backlinks.

      Also, do MORE keyword research and create more content for those keywords and get backlinks to those. You'll only get so much traffic per keyword, you should try some new ones.
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    have you done the research to find out how many searches there are?

    having looked at your site there are a few comments about layout and fonts that I would make but why don't you start a thread and get critiqued? Warriors will give you honest feedback and you might do better.

    Also, do you have a newsletter, a free book to giveaway, a subscibers list? If your visitors are genuinely interested you could start e-mailing them with updates

    hope this helps

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    another question

    are you using Google Alerts? If not then start. There is a great guide claed Google Pump out there somewhere. I got it free with something else. You can set up hundreds of search terms and any time someone searches those terms you will get an alert so you can go right to the blog, forum or Yahoo Answers or wherever and answer directly. This can drive highly targetted traffic.

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    i use seo tool with all these in the meta tags is that wrong? (<meta name="description" content="The time has come to take the gloves off and give corrupt politicians, media &amp; special interest groups a &quot;lethal dose&quot; of their own medicine&quot;. STR offers out of the box Tactics/thinking to engage and defeat the &quot;fundamentally transforming the United States of America&quot; agenda of the radical left.
    Stop playing their game, start playing your game through Saving the Republic.com" /><meta name="keywords" content="Saving the Republic, save the republic, save our republic, The Art of Political Guerrilla Warfare, political, warfare, TEA Party, the tea party, tea, party, TEA, the 9/12 project, 9/12, 9-12, 9-12 profect, Fox News, FOX, MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Druge Report, CNBC, Infowars, freedom, US constitution, founding fathers, declaration of independence, 1776, 1791, BMartin1776,STR, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Dennis Miller, Laura Ingraham, Alex Jones, Michael Savage, The Blaze, politics, democrat, republican, independent, libertarian, progressive, proggie, proggies, demoncrat, republicant, economy, economic collapse, financial collapse, President Obama, pres, obama, socialism,socialist, communist, communism, progressivism, nazi, nazism, fascist, fascism pelosi, reid, Rush,Iraq, Afghanistan,stimulus, dollar, euro,gold, silver,terror, terrorism, islam,islamic, caliphate, muslim, bin laden, al qaeda, NWO, new world order,news, information, opinions, blog, stories, faith, finance, education, technology, economy, media, politics, government, finance, security, intelligence, slideshows, videos, polls, america, out of the box, tactics, strategy)

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    using keyword meta-tags is pretty much pointless.. and if those terms aren't appearing on the page itself, you run the risk of the search engines deciding you are trying to spam them.

    if you want SE traffic, you should educate yourself on the subject a bit more.


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    • Okay.

      You can't build this site alone. You need other people.

      You need other people who believe in and support your mission.

      Yah, yah, you've got a social media framework. You've got the mechanics. But you haven't got *the people*.

      Link exchanges? Why would someone who doesn't know you exchange links with you?

      Honestly? Forget Facebook.

      Here is your action plan:

      1. Find ONE blogger in your space who has the kind of following you'd like to have. Start getting to know that person. Be social. Visit daily. Leave comments. Don't be a jerk about it but reference your own site once in a while if it's a relevant subject.

      Get ONE semi-influential person to believe in you. Be the kind of person you want to have following you. Promote this person on FB. Maybe even RT some of their tweets. Quote them.

      Blogging is all about working with other people. It's not about Facebook, Twitter, SEO, monetization or any of that. Without other people, you won't make it.

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        I agree with Fluffy. Social Media can only get you so far! After a while after its initial bump it tends to burn out. I know it happened to my site. You need to focus more on your SEO with proper back linking not just comment posting..

        Also right some fresh new relevant content to your niche could do you the world of good. Just because you do comment posting doesn't mean you are going to get a lot better traffic but I presume you have realized this by now?

        Stick at it work on different angles sides you never even thought of. Keep at it and if something is not working "fix it"
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        Are you Irish and living in Australia? :)
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    Also, I would consider redesigning the site. As a "constitutionalist", I'm probably your target audience - yet I didn't feel very compelled to dig very deep into it, let alone bookmark it.


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    If you are using shared hosting, you might want to check out the TOS of your host - most of them will not allow political sites.

    I also agree with Fluff.. you should network with other like minded people who have an audience.


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    another thing that came to mind.. you talk about peaceful, non-violent activism - yet you use violent symbolism (the logos, products). It just struck me the wrong way I guess.


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      Originally Posted by jasonl70 View Post

      another thing that came to mind.. you talk about peaceful, non-violent activism - yet you use violent symbolism (the logos, products). It just struck me the wrong way I guess.
      I appreciate all advice as some of you took the time to look at the site. Jason, constitionalist aka Ron Paul supporter I bet! I dont believe you read my material, just as that individual I mentioned earlier, if so you would have never said that. Proof of my position here, you also state products..... like what tshirts, mugs, iPad covers etc. There are no VIOLENT products anywhere on my site. Not to mention its plastered all over the site to act civil within the rule of law! That is a false statement you need to retract immediately. Thank you sir and feel free to pass over any and all of my future postings as clearly we have different views.

      Sorry folks this isnt how I intro myself to a new forum but I must set ppl straight when they give out false info about me!

      Meta tag generator is useless?!! Then why are so many hammering me to get it all built into the site? Too much back and forth and folks contradicting advice from other sites. This is why I am left in this loop and wasting more time on this stuff than my content and getting more visitors.

      So fluffy I should find a blogger and let them "guest post"? I dont know of any I "trust" that have heavy traffic. Most are all in the same boat Im in with a few here and there. Im concerned with others content allowing them access to my site. They may say things that I agree with then go off the range, then Im stuck with this stuff floating in cyberspace connected to my site.

      So as far as backlinking goes I should continue with comment responses and move forward posting articles to places like articlebase etc? Dunno how I will pull it off Im practically burned out from all the comment posting I have been doing.

      Stop playing their game and start playing your game...
      Saving the Republic Through The Art of Political Guerrilla Warfare

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    Answer these questions for yourself:

    1. What keywords are you targetting?
    2. Where do you rank in Google for those keywords?
    3. How many backlinks do you have?
    4. Are you an expert in on-page SEO?
    5. Do you have a list of subscribers?
    6. Do you send out a newsletter?
    7. Do you use Google Alerts to find your market?
    8. Do you know how many searches there are for your KWs?
    9. Do you know how many competing pages ther are for those KWs?

    If you don't know where you rank or are not an SEO expert, it may well be worth employing an expert to help you get the most out of your site by climbing the rankings. There are several fantastic offers available just on this forum so I suggest you check them out.

    You really do need to know your numbers, where you are currently in the rankings and a strategy to climb. You also need to know how to measure them accurately and reliably. If you have no knowledge then get some professional help

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    You need to optimize your site, not only for SEO but also for human eyes, There's no structure on it, is confusing.

    Diversify a little bit your backlinks and put some anchor text on them.

    Do you have a list of keywords that people may been looking for? make one and write around those keywords.

    and as a side note you say there are no violent products on your site... I don't know but in some cultures crossed guns and a skulls still are a violent image... If I see nothing but your logo I could guess that "freedom with a gun" may be your motto (even if is not) Perhaps you should consider to change it for something more "I'm a true patriot" and less "I'm a bad ass against the system"
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    The best traffic is SEO traffic its very targeted if you choose correct keywords.
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    yes indeed, getting some professional design help on fonts, lay out and on page optimisation will help. It's all a bit higgledy-piggledy really.

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    Ultimately content is king. If you have good content within this niche, and, as others have said here, if you can get influencers to refer to your site - you will get traffic.

    How well do you know your target audience? What are their habits when searching for content on the net?

    Something else I would recommend, read the book "IdeaVirus" by Seth Godin. Although the book was primarily written for spreading the "virus" of a new marketing idea or product, it can certainly work with your blog within your target audience.

    Give away some freebies: an ebook from an influencer, a report, something that has real meat.

    You have to draw an audience - if what you write has been said in a million other places, your traffic is not going to be too good. You have to be unique in such a way that it is compelling to others.

    Once you get that, your audience will do a lot of the marketing for you.

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