Why aren't you earning at least $100 per day

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For me it's been jumping from one thing to the other.

How about you?
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    Jumping from one thing to the next is probably the best "recipe" for not making at least $100 per day.

    If you just take one thing and push it through you should make at least that.

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    That's my issue as well. Need to focus.

    I've heard it time and time again...the way forward is to stick with one thing for at least a month, do only that thing and after a month, take stock and make changes.

    Wherever you go, there you are.

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    My issue doesn't relate to earning $100 a day, but it does relate to earning a significant amount each day.

    I have had my amazing days where I have earned upwards of $3,000 and also my down days where I have earned pretty much nothing at all.

    I think a big factor that plays in this is consistency.

    In my experience, I get really thrilled about a new niche website and do really great in the beginning, but I forget to continue pushing. This in turn causes my earnings to be inconsistent as I tend to jump around a lot. Heck, some sites I was making a decent income from, but I have no interest in them, causing them to later fall off the tracks.

    I think people should work on taking action more often (not just in the beginning) and keep it that way. I have been earning around $5,000+ a month for a while now from my niche websites, but getting past that point has been a problem because I keep forgetting to take action like I did in the beginning.

    Just as I stated earlier there have been days where I have earned upwards of $3,000, but if it's not consistent it can become pretty stressful.

    I'm extremely motivated and I do take action, but I need to take even more now Oh and I'm not the type to just hire out others to do all of the work, I prefer to work on my projects as I see fit. If I hired out, I would probably get much further ($5,000 would go a long way in outsourcing), but I like having control

    From this, here are a few tips:

    1. Take action.
    2. Learn.
    3. Take action.
    4. Don't let the money get to your head.
    5. Keep your morals.
    6. Go with your interests, they have been the most successful as I love going back to them.

    And one last tip. My biggest problem with the first 80 websites I built for myself is that i don't have much interest in them. Even though they make me money, I don't care to go back and make the websites better. So build websites that you will have fun working with. Do what you have fun doing.

    Never give up. Success is inevitable, it just takes work.


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    I'm going to say, somewhat the opposite Previously I have been depending on one or two methods and when I get close, the methods go to sh*t. I had sites ranked on Google that were generating Clickbank sales, they fizzled out.

    PPC facebook campaigns, I've learned have a lifespan, so now I'm diversifying so when one thing falls I have another. I'm coming real close again. I have over $100 days, but I also have $15 days, I am working hard on turning that low of $15 into $100.

    Let's see if diversifying works.
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    Originally Posted by grimace_86 View Post

    For me it's been jumping from one thing to the other.

    How about you?
    At least you have identified the problem with yourself.

    Now act upon it ! to earn your $100 a day.

    Then move to $1000 a day !
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    I've had that same problem before. I had shiny object syndrome and it's the key to making no money at all. Focus on one thing until you make it work, scale it up as much as you can, get it on autopilot or outsource so it keeps making you good money then move on to the next thing.

    At least that's what I do and it works great.
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    I think staying committed to your plan and most especially to your goal plays an important role too. Keep focused and stay away from distractions.
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    Originally Posted by grimace_86 View Post

    For me it's been jumping from one thing to the other.

    How about you?
    Now you know what's causing it. What are you going to do about it?

    Decide on one thing and dedicate your time on it. Don't allow yourself to get distracted. Internet marketing is not nearly as hard once you have some self control and discipline.
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    As a noob in IM, I think it is easy to get distracted when you are first starting out because of all the different WSOs promising different tactics to make money through IM. Just like the people of WF, I think it is best to stick to one method and make small changes here and there and create your own style of IM.
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    i am having the same problem here. cant focus one one project too long, i always get sidetrack. but with experience i hope to get over this problem. Currently im doing about 6 different things at one, just trying to make some money. i guess its just not my time as yet. Hope things change soon though. I cant give up as yet because i have spent the last year doing IM, if i stop now it would be a big waste of time and the knowledge that i have gathered so far would have been for noting(useless).

    Hope things start to get better for you soon.

    Best regards.
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    100 dollars a day has been my goal for a year now.....
    i am taking alot of action, i do feel i am getting closer.
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    I guess I'm not sure if I'm going in the right direction, or working on something that I will remain interested in. Then again, I also think that I get overwhelmed, and a bit lost, then pretty much just stop working. So I suppose right now, my problem is motivation.

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      Having not so much resources is not bad but changing mind in one day or in one month is bad.First of all you must assure to your self that if you do not focus on one thing then it will some thing bad for you and you will not gain.always keep faith on one idea and work hard on it you will see that your labor will not go waste.Last thing that don't become jealous from others.
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    In the past it was lack of real commitment. I've basically become a new man in the last four days though. I'm making progress now. Only thing holding me back is a lack of skill, and I'm putting in the time to get better.

    I just need to find a place that I can work for on an ongoing basis with continuous work.

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    For myself I didn't start earning consistently until I started building lists in different niches. I still run tons of paid traffic from many many sources as well as outsource free traffic from seo etc... but always to squeeze pages.

    Focus on the list and you can't go wrong as long as you take care of them.
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    Mine is not focusing on one particular thing... I've got a heap of sites just sitting there that I've got indexed by Google. I figure it'll be ok to let them just gain some site age and focus on them later.

    Having so many things tends to make me unorganized. I really just need to spent some quality time and ignore all the distractions that the web delivers.
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