What Is The Best Way To Create A Membership Site?

by Halmac
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I am not a webdesigner by any means, but I would like to create a membership site (username/password access only) for my members to log-in to whenever they want (obviously)!

Does anybody have a suggestion on how to actually get a site like that created, and NOT for a huge amount of money?

Thanks for any input you have.
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    You can just set up wordpress (I've got an instructional link, top of sig) and then use one of many free plugins to get your membership site running. I like s2Member which is free, but there are many other popular options as well.

    with this, creating and managing your membership site content/recurring billing is really simple. it works with paypal. You could probably try setting it up yourself it's that simple... then once it's set up, pay someone a few hundo to customize the wordpress theme and make it slick
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    PHPJabbers has a PHP member login script you can buy. It allows you to restrict certain pages/files to only registered and logged in members on your site via an Administrative CMS. You can take a look at a demo version on their site: Member Login Script

    If you purchase it, they install the script into your site free of charge. I haven't looked, but you might be able to find free versions of similar scripts elsewhere. If you need help with implementing anything you don't understand, drop me a message on Skype and I'll see if I can help.
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    Digital Access Pass (DAP) has the best WordPress based membership software available.

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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    My friend Matthew Neer created his membership site using list machine pro. He's done really well with it and hasn't had any problems with it. The support staff has been great for him and he's done great financially, and continues to earn some great recurring commissions every month. Look him up on the Forum, I'm sure he'd be happy to point you in the right direction!

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    There are tons of scripts out there, but to answer your question honestly, the best way to create a membership website is to pay someone else to do it for you...
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    As far as price goes I'm pretty sure he paid $997 but he's already made his investment back and continues to every day. Great investment yo!
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    My personal favorite is WishList Member | Membership Site Software for a paid membership but it's also the one I have the most experience with.
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    Wordpress would be the most affordable, fastest to implement and the easiest to build upon.
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    Definitely Wordpress + s2member
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    I built my last membership site using Joomla with the AEC plug-in. They're both free/ open source.
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    please chek out groupspaces, webs, ning, weebly you need
    no technical knowledge its user friendly and Free
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    I use wishlist member and optimize press.
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    Nowadays to design a website it is not important to be a designer or programmer. Every hosting account provide a base tool to create a website. Or you can check things like weebly or similar software.
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