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Hi Everyone

As many know from yesterday, we are just about to release our own product in the diet niche as my brother is a personal trainer

Trouble is, even though he does very very well face to face his picture may not go well online lol

Reason being... he shaves all his hair off as he was born...ginger lol and hates it, hense no hair

So a picture on our sales page of him would look scary even though he is a a teddybear lol

Anyone have any views as in, should I use my picture or what should we do?

Many Thanks everyone, to a little different kind of question

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    lol... it might actually help you

    "go from fatass to badass"

    I'm a web developer and iOS app developer - I'll make you a website or app!
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      Originally Posted by Johnny Optimo View Post

      lol... it might actually help you

      "go from fatass to badass"


      thanks Johnny

      he does have a very cheeky grin which may help lol


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    As with anything online test, test, test
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    Create a few different sales pages and some without the picture. TEST THEM!
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      lol... it might actually help you

      "go from fatass to badass"

      I like that, it's great.

      Another thought; use Photoshop or Gimp to paint some black, brown or or blond hair onto the picture - your brother could then even pick the hair style

      Just my thoughts,
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    YOU think the picture would be bad... you don't really know do you? It may be the very opposite! you might wanna try it first and see what happens...
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    You honestly won't know unless you split test the sales
    message. Test test test and you shall receive.
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    As long as he seems somewhat professional and he is presentable, it shouldn't matter. Try it out, it adds authenticity and grounds the message to an actual person.

    Look at a lot of successful sales letters and you'll see a snappy picture of who it was allegedly written by.

    Most important thing has already been mentioned. You should be running an A/B split test where your traffic is sent to 2 diff pages -- 1 with and 1 without picture.

    Your customers will make your decision for you.
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    i don't think it's really a big deal. but if you think it is, maybe he could wear a wig or hat or something.
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    Test it, but it sounds like his pic may be perfect for that niche.
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