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I currently sell solo's, well was selling on paypal until it got limited.
I have heard of Plimus, and money brookers, but they hold your funds for a certain time..

I do not want that, I have an alertpay account but they hold my funds also for 10 days since the transaction..

Anyone know of a better system payment processor?

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    Originally Posted by Kashi456 View Post

    I do not want that, I have an alertpay account but they hold my funds also for 10 days since the transaction..
    Almost all (all?) 3rd party processors hold the funds for a period of time. It's just a fact of doing business.

    I realize Paypal doesn't, but that's the one exception- and as you've noticed they have other policies that are way more aggravating than a short waiting time.

    I think it's just something you'll have to get used to.
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    Alertpay would be nice.
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    alertpay mooneybookers
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      Well i would not advice you to go with alertpay. I didn't have any bad experience but It don't seems more reliable then paypal .

      Frankly speaking there is no alternative of paypal right now . Paypal is far ahead in service then other providers specially for new and small marketers .

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    Holding funds for 10 days could become the norm in the future for many of these payment processors. I wouldn't expect any others to be more liberal.
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    The truth is..
    You got to have Paypal ..

    Using any other processors just runs your biz down..

    I remember back then at one point, we use to have a variety on how we get paid.. Salespage will normally have 2 payment processors which is Paypal, and the other one is Stormpay (or something).. this was years back and before the whole trouble with Stormpay.. Now, we are stuck with one..

    I really wish a new service comes up and we go back to having an option .. but this is more unlikely now..

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    Why not consider a real merchant account? They all have online options now and are less expensive and less restrictive than Paypal.
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    Google Checkout is kinda becoming the preferred option. It depends what services you need, but I hate the IPN service of most checkout facilities. Google/Paypal have got this one right.
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    AlertPay is just like PayPal, except you don't get randomly limited for ridiculous reasons.

    Another is Liberty Reserve. This is great because it restricts ALL transactions from being able to "charge back". The only downside is it's not widely used so not many people have it.
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      Umm...not to say that I don't believe with other services. But at this moment I decide to hold on with widely used service like paypal
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    Thanks for all the shared alternatives, warriors.
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    As you're in the UK, you might consider using Nochex Nochex Merchant Accounts: Credit and Debit Card Processing Online (not an affilaite link). They're like PayPal, but are in £'s. The fees are lower than PayPal, too.
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