How to Sponsor a Newbie for Fun and Profit! Editted Verison

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MODS - I'm assuming this post got deleted the first time because of the link to my site. I apologize. You didn't have to sign up for anything to get the free report or anything so I thought it would be OK. I've removed the link. I'd like to post a link to directly download the report. Can I do that? Also if that's not why it got deleted the first time, can someone fill me in so I don't make the same mistake again.

This is going to be a fun post. I have an idea brewing that’s going to be freaking hilarious.

OK. So, I don’t know if you noticed, but we have a massive surplus of one of the most valuable resources on the planet. I’m obviously talking about NEWBIES. They’re everywhere. You can’t scroll down the first page of the main discussion board without out tripping over ten posts from different newbies asking for advice.

Don’t get me wrong. I love newbies. Absolutely love them. In MLM they have a saying that “New Blood is the Life Blood.” That’s what newbies are. They’re the life blood of this forum and IM in general.

The problem is I think a lot of experienced Warriors are missing the boat on the opportunity that this valuable resource provides. These are people eagerly willing to start building online businesses. They would make perfect apprentices. They learn the trade, make some extra money, and you get help building your business. Now I wrote a full 50 page report on this subject and I'm willing to give it to anyone that's interested. The few that have read it really liked the content. Just PM me and I'll get it to you.

Also, for anyone that is interested in trying this out, newbie or expert, let me know. I’ve been talking to a couple newbies that are interested in starting a project just like this, but I’m sure there are way more out there. Even if you can’t get in on one of the projects we’re working on I’m willing to help facilitate some relationship building and make some introductions.

But that’s only part of the reason I wrote this post. The other reason is I had this “brilliant” idea for a little project I want to do. I think this will be quite entertaining and will give anyone that participates a little PR. What I need are about 10 newbies who will give me a couple pics of themselves and have a good sense of humor. Anyone that is interested PM me and I’ll give you my email address to send the Pics to.

Looking forward to hearing you’re responses.
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    OK. Just to answer some of the questions I got in PMs. The picture can just be normal head shots. Similiar to what you would use for your avatar.

    Also, I'm not going to do anything malicious with the pictures. I'm just going to make an entertaining tongue in cheek video. I think it's going to be funny. But I'll get the opinion of some of the Warriors that will help me with it too make sure. Hope that helps answer your questions.
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      Well I am a resonably new bee, and am sort of interested in what this project is all about. I am also about to set up something unique for people in my position as it was maybe a couple of months ago. There is at times, a lot of attitude here and elsewhere aimed towards newbies, and as you state, there shouldnt be.

      I think most experienced (successful or otherwise) forum members, forget that were once as "green" as the rest of us
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