Generating Traffic and overcoming hurdles

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I am new to internet marketing and have been doing some research on it for awhile but the more I find out the harder it is to come up with a clear strategy. Like many I want to get the greatest ROI and want to keep the money stream coming in as much as possible.

Here is a little bit of background on my experience.

I have been selling products on ebay for the last several months. I have not been making amazing money to write home about but enough to where I don't need to get a "real job."

A friend of mine introduced me to Russell Brunson for internet marketing and since then I have created a front end product targeted to a specific niche market. I have written an ebook regarding studying abroad and have began developing different levels of my product along the value ladder. I have everything in place for my product but have ran into problems.

I have been having problems generating traffic. Forums on other sites geared towards college students tend to not allow signatures. I am currently getting the most success from adwords but this tends to be expensive and there is no real guarantee if someone clicks on my ad they will actually make it to my site. I have been getting success with it but from comparing my click through rate on adwords with my actually traffic on google analytic there seems to be a huge difference in the people that make it to my site and the people whom click my ad.

With that being said I also have been creating additional channels to promote my brand. Twitter, facebook, youtube which are used to drive traffic to the blog where I have began creating content centered around my ebook.

Do you guys have any advise. Any suggestions on how I can get more traffic for free.
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