You might not like this if you write ebooks

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Think of me as a consumer...

Why would I buy your $97 "Get Rich Instantly" ebook when I can buy a copy of "The Warren Buffet Way" for like 10 Dollars?

Then know this: Books might be the way to go... but you have to know what the hell you are talking about before you sit down to write them. I am not interested in reading about your half baked, half stolen theory... if that is what your ebook contains.

On the other hand, if you can share your experiences with me in an entertaining way... (kinda like seducing a woman... kinda like taking her on a ride with you...) then you have my utmost attention.

It's all about what you think makes you qualified to give advice...

If it's your favorite Guru saying that you already "ARE" an expert... then think again! Because if you aren't really savvy... and I really am reading a lot of (excellent) books (by EXPERIENCED authors) on a particular topic, then I will see through you in minutes... as soon as I start reading your book.

I am much more interested in reading books now than ever... but I am really careful about what I read anymore.

HINT: If I am a good consultant (which I am) and I know my game (which I do), then even "The McKinsey way" might be a bit too dry, uncooked, useless and boring for me. (This really just happened... like today... this very evening)


P.S. Sell ebooks... In fact sell books.... But don't write like you're an expert if you haven't spent a day in your life doing what you just wrote.

P.P.S. All said and done, I do realize everyone's gotta start somewhere, but I wish someone had talked some sense into me when I was getting started... I wouldn't have been a pretender.

P.P.P.S. All you have to do is... DO! If you're getting started, then do something before sharing your experiences. I will be very much interested in reading about your goofs (Perhaps even more so!)

P.P.P.P.S. If you really must start by writing a book, do a good job of interviewing other people... Don't go after the "Instant Credibility" craze... Don't jump upon the "I'm-the-hottest-and-most-authoritative-expert" bandwagon. Real enthusiasts can smell you out from a mile!
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