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I was recently approached by someone offering to buy advertising space on one of my sites.

If someone can share some advice about how much I should charge and some guidance on terms I should set( like placement, size, length of time etc.) Am I over thinking this?

I've never been approached before not sure what to expect. Any help would be appreciated.

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    If you provide some details, like traffic stats, google PR, audience, it may be much easier to estimate how much your ad space would cost
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    yup, or u can just ask him how much he wants to pay you for that ad space or placement.

    then u can just see if you want the amount.

    it can be that simple.
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    • First, make sure this isn't a scam. Google the requestor.

      Assuming it's genuine, you can peruse sites like to see what comparable ad placements are going for.

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        Open account at and see about the rates per impression/ per month offered by other website and set your rate accordingly then ask him to buy ads through

        if buysellads don't approve you then use

        best luck .

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    it depends from your niche, but you can start from lower ratio, for example calculate your cpm and put 0,5$ then see how much impressions you have daily and give some price. But everything depends from niche.

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      I think the main question to ask here is: would your own ad or your own affiliate link bring you more money. One of the major flaws with adsense , having people leaving your site for pennies is never worth it unless it is a really bad site at converting visitors
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