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I am selling an ebook and offer people that come to my website a free portion of my ebook. I would like to collect their emails in doing so or in hopes of building a list. Are their any good threads that have been created about this? What are good websites where I can track all of this? Thank you.
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    Hi broosa7,
    Do you have an AWeber account (or some other autoresponder program)?
    Presumably you have a website of some sort already up and running?

    It would be very easy to get something like this up and running - especially if you already have a community of website visitors. Simply put an AWeber form up on the site, let people know about your eBook etc and away you go.

    Definitely a lot easier to generate interest in something like this when you already have a website and some people following what you're doing.

    If starting completely from scratch, perhaps you could approach established personalities in the same or similar field and see if they'd be willing to put in a plug for you (maybe work out some sort of JV partnership whereby they get a good percentage of any sales made).

    Hope this helps a bit. Would probably need a bit more info about your situation before offering any other advice.

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    Originally Posted by Victoria Gates View Post

    AWeber is pretty pricy in the long run and only does email. Mobile Marketing is also a good part of where the list building process is headed, so consider finding a company that allows you to gather emails and cell phone numbers.
    You won't recommend one? We confirm the subscription through an email, how can we confirm mobile subscriptions? I mean how to take the permission?
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    Hi Mate,

    Would definitely use Aweber. They have a $1 trial for the first month, and you pay a tiered rate as your subscribers increase. I consider it good value, it's more than paid for itself over the last 2 years and I have no doubts that it will continue to pay for itself. Building a list is a no brainer, anyone who is serious about this business MUST do it. Period.

    It's as simple as signing up with them, watching their "getting started" video and then implementing it on your blog/site.
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    I use mailchimp. They allow you to store up to 2,000 subscribers and no credit card required to signup with them.
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