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This is something that has been bothering me a bit. I am thinking of creating a micro niche website around a very good keyword. It can become very profitable. However, the topic could be quite sensitive in some cases (let's say if some one under 18 reads it and uses the advice given there). It's NOT adult content, but something related to sexuality.

I haven't really found any info on google about it. Most legal issues documented come from copyright, defamation and similar topics.

Could I solve this issue with putting a disclaimer on top of each article saying that if the reader is under 18 he/she must immediately leave? Or something in that nature. Or should I not worry at all?

Comments welcome.
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    I recommend you using disclaimer with a "Proceed" button, and the content is displayed only after a user presses this button.
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      If you feel putting up a disclaimer is the right thing to do, then you should do that. Then if anything ever goes down, you can point to the disclaimer page and show how you're being more responsible than 9 out of 10 adult content sites.

      you're located in Germany, so you need to check with your local laws and maybe even ask an attorney if you're unsure. None of the advice given here should be taken as legal advice.
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    Asking for legal advice on a forum is like asking a cabinet maker how to build a fighter jet.

    If you're concerned, you should consult an attorney (or whatever they might call an attorney in Germany).

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      I'm not asking for legal advice. Obviously if I am really concerned I will go to an attorney. This is just a thread about opinions.
      anyway, I've seen a few websites on the same topic and they all either have a disclaimer or a section where they describe potential dangers of abuse of this topic. Which makes me think that it's ok to do, in I follow that type of approach

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    If you're using WordPess there's many privacy policies/disclaimers for sensitive content for people under age. You may consider an entry page if it's too explicit. You can also self label your site in your meta tags. You should always have at least a privacy policy for any site.
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