How do you price an instant download and a DVD

by troy23
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I have to price a download and a DVD of the same material.

Pricing would be around $37, but I hear you should price the instant download slightly cheaper than the physical disc version.

Taking into account shipping - international or otherwise - how should I best price this?
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    Why not just offer both together for one price?
    It makes the offer seem more valuable.
    If they want to pay shipping cost or are
    happy just to have the download, give them the choice.

    For some $37.00 might seem a little much for a download.
    Give them as much as you can.
    You've got it Made
    with the Guy in the Shades!
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    For pricing, you should check out similar products in your market...are there any? That would help you to get a starting point. Beyond that, I ALWAYS test my product prices. Of course the DVD would be more expensive than the download but I like to price mine in a way that moves them to the one I want them to buy.

    If you really want them to buy the DVD then price it like this:
    Download: $32
    DVD: $37
    **pushes them to buy DVD since it's not that much more.

    If you want them to buy the Download then do something like this:
    Download: $17
    DVD: $67
    **pushes them to buy download since it's seems like such a great deal over DVD.

    Just some ideas. But definitely do two identical pages and test them against each other so you can find the best price for your product and niche.
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    I've heard a lot of the 7 and 9 business, but when I looked into it, like 60% of prices end in a 9, while 30% end in a 5. Strange. 7 was hardly in the picture at all. seems like 7 is an internet fish tale. Even though intellectually we know 4.99 is basically five dollars, we emotionally link it more to $4. more information here. (a pdf with decent citings to back the info.)

    Jenn's info makes a lot of sense to me, as well.

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