I'm a Newbie and Want to Express My Gratitude to You

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Hi Warriors,

I just found this amazing forum a few days ago and wanted to tip my hat to all of you for your generosity and wisdom which you share here. I caught the IM bug about a month ago and haven't gotten much sleep since

Now that I found this site I fear sleep may never be the same! Anyway, just a quick bit about my situation... I am in an extremely profitable niche and (with my 2 partners) run a very successful and lucrative offline business in this same niche. I meet about 1,000 potential clients face to face every year and close about 100 of them for very high end services.

The economy has definitely started to affect my bottom line, but by no means am I struggling. I realized about a month ago that with all of the other potential clients that don't qualify for our services (whether financially or other reasons) I have been missing out on a huge opportunity to add significant income selling other relatively inexpensive products to them. Generally, I speak to about 300 prospects a year via phone who don't qualify; it doesn't take up too much of my time, but my idea is to join clickbank, and get a nice bunch of quality affiliate products to pitch to them.

Now I'm sure you guys will think this is an obvious move being that a large majority of these people place a very high value in my opinion (I have made a very successful name for myself in this niche offline - I have closed six figure deals with 2 clients just this year alone) so I really wanted to see if you had any other advice or opinions, in case I'm missing something...

To start, I don't even think I'm going to build a site, rather just send them links through email to affiliate products after I speak with them on the phone 1-2 times. I am confident I could probably sell $500-2000 worth of digital product to at least 50% of them.

Eventually I will build a site targeting all the people in my niche that I will never get a chance to meet, and figure that I could literally triple my income if I do this right - I have the ability to write powerful articles and know how to build landing pages... I am learning about list building now.

Any advice would be appreciated, you guys are true champs!



P.S. What I have learned here in the last 3 days has been staggering, I love you guys for it
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