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I want to build a list of buyers in the skin care niche via a blog, but not 100% sure how to go about it exactly. I thought about getting a PLR ebook/guide, rebranding it and padding it out a bit, but the ones I've already bought aren't up to much and I wouldn't feel right selling them on as a Product.

Are the any other options or ideas I could try here?
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    I would just take the time to create your own's really pretty easy, and you can do anything you want with it.
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      Originally Posted by Jerryl View Post

      I would just take the time to create your own's really pretty easy, and you can do anything you want with it.
      Totally agree, you can use any existing products you have in this niche as inspiration or even the PLR you've mentioned but add your own unique info.

      Once you've done this you are halfway there
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    Try running a competition, I have just set up my very first competition this morning to grow my subscriber list. Most of us love the chance to win something, if you don't have a physical product to sell, try store vouchers etc
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    You'll need to give your visitors something in return for the opt-in.

    That can be basically what ever visitors will find value in. It may be some free advices in a form of an eBook or some coupons. Anyway, you'll need to create some value for in exchange for their information.

    I think this is a very successful tactic and you should take a look into.

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    you can do coregistration
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    Does your blog already have traffic or is it new? If it's new I wouldn't worry too much about how to capture leads at this point, I'd concentrate on getting visitors. When the visitors start to come you can try different landing pages with different methods of capturing the contact info. A free eBook is a good idea and works reasonably well so long as the title of the book is enticing enough and so long as it's an exact match for your niche.
    You could offer an "unlock the secrets to healthy skin" section on your website which is private and requires a code to access. There's a Wordpress Plugin for requiring a password to access content. So you place the teaser on your home page, and have them register for the code. Then when they're inside you can present them with whatever related products/content you want.
    Remember that you can hide content on your site and reveal it in exchange for registration. This is sometimes better than an eBook, since many times people don't want to download anything.
    Another good way to build contacts from a blog is to use Facebook. Setup a FB fan page and make the landing/welcome page require that they 'like' your page in order to access a special offer - like a discount code, free book or whatever. Then send people to your FB fan page and collect their registrations via FB. You can get a pretty good list together quite quickly.
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    What about a free newsletter...a sort of magazine with health, beauty and fashion tips!
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    ...Just to add to that, it could open the door to affiliate marketing.
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    Thanks for all the replies. I'd forgotten all about this thread until I noticed it had been revived. Some good advice here.

    I've started trying to create an ebook in this niche. I'm about half way through, but decided to put it on the back-burner for now and concentrate more on building good quality content, and building visitors to the blog first.
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    Get something that you can alter or create your own ebook to give away to sign up or something as simple as sign up for the e-newsletter to get up to date skincare updates.

    Get a domain.
    Get hosting.
    Get autoresponder.
    Set up squeeze page with optin in box from autoresponder.
    Set up a few follow up emails.
    Set up blog under the
    Write 10 articles on the blog and make sure to link to your squeeze page
    in your blog posts.

    Get traffic using free methods.

    After giving your list valuable information, offer them something you are selling that you created or something that is a recurring affiliate program. In this niche, you can offer great products that can be put on auto purchase so you build a residual monthly income for those who keep getting it monthly.
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

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