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In the past I have neglected Craigslist for advertising websites and products but recently I have found that it can be very helpful and useful for marketing. I have used it for a few different websites that I am promoting and the results have been great. I will go into detail further into this post.

My Goals Were Simple : Place ads, gain traffic, earn a profit, and do it all within a short amount of time.
It seemed simple but I looked into it and dug a little deeper so that I could strategically place my ads and receive more positive results. So let me explain what I did with my website and how I promoted it on Craigslist.

Type Of Website :
Affiliate product & review website.

Steps For Advertising :
  • Researched my niche through Google and found the "Top 10" locations where my products were being used and where the niche was most popular. I stuck with locations only in the United States but depending on your target audience, the locations may differ.
  • Saved these top locations to Notepad on my computer so that I would have them for future reference.
  • Went to Craigslist and browsed to the first location on my top 10 list.
  • Created an ad for my website that did not seem like spam and was interesting, catchy, and straight to the point.
  • Placed the ad in the "For Sale" section and into the correct sub-category.
  • Went back to the main page and browsed to my next location on my top 10 list.
  • Placed another ad promoting the same website.
  • Repeated until I posted 1 ad in each location from my list.
  • Waited and watched traffic/sales go up.
  1. Do NOT place ads on Craigslist that look like spam, such as "Want To Get Rich? Click here and see how!". Be creative and make the ad seem professional and personal so that ir will not be flagged and removed.
  2. Create a few different ads for the same website you are trying to promote and rotate them. Try to create 3 or 4 variations of your ad and use them randomly throughout the location postings.
  3. Make sure your title is attractive and catchy. This will make sure that people view your ad and if they are interested, they will click through to your website.
  4. Trial and error. If your ads are not converting well, try creating a new ad or place the existing one in a new category.
  5. Keep track of your traffic and monitor how many visitors are coming from Craigslist. This will be helpful when you make changes to your ads and would like to see if they have a positive impact.
  6. Remember that you can renew your ads so that you can easily "bump" your ad back to the top of the page for more exposure. Only do this after about 2 weeks so that you are not constantly renewing posts.
  7. Targeting bigger cities will most likely create more traffic.

The few things that I have mentioned above helped me generate some decent numbers for traffic and actual sales. I only spent roughly 1 - 2 hours doing Craigslist marketing for 1 website and I received an increase of 200 - 300 visitors per day plus sales from some of those customers.

Craigslist may not be the best way to go for some people but it sure has helped me and a few of my websites. So if you are looking for new ways to make money and promote your website or product, try the method I have talked about and see if it helps you out too.

Good luck and keep up the positive attitude!
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      Originally Posted by estreet View Post

      Thanks for the info. I've been considering using Craigslist to promote an email marketing service to local small businesses, and even local performers such as DJ's or bands. I'm thinking a lot of these people may be really good at what they do but could get more gigs/customers if they had a proper marketing campaign in motion.

      Obviously I'd have to approach this in a way that wouldn't be taken as spam, but I don't think that would be a problem.
      You're welcome. I think you would see some good results for a service like that. It is free so the only thing it will cost is your time. Good luck and I wish you the best!
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    I know numerous marketers that actually started their massive lists (that they have now) and sold their first few product copies on craigslist. Great post for a simple and easy start to finding customers and followers. Kudos.

    Anthony R. Smith
    Marketing | Socialaire Group

    An antonym for ambitious is 'easy'.

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    Thanks everyone for the positive feedback! You're welcome for the information and I hope this helps you out
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    I thought about this but I thought CL did not allow inks in there are you doing this?
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    Yes, you can put links in craiglist ads with href / anchor text. You can also use HTML in your ads to add different font types/sizes/colors and ad images.

    @estreet: Create a simple auto responder that sends an auto reply to any emails received at that address with a Thank You message and link. This can be done directly from your web host and does not require a 3rd party service like Aweber.

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    Sorry about the late response but yeah onSubie is right to both replies. I added my links through HTML and just regular text as well. Some people take the time to actually copy and paste the links, but it is easier for HTML.

    I figured I would cut out the e-mail part and just skip directly to the website and gain traffic that way. It was very effective and has worked great so far. I think e-mail replies would be great for a service or product though.

    All great replies. Thanks everyone. Let me know if you have any questions.
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  • Did something similar with my VOIP affiliate program, I searched the top 10 states that search for my keywords and that is where I placed my ads. Do you have a tip on how to place the ads in multiple cities and not get banned? I wanted to do that but I'm scared that they ban my account. Currently doing research on reliable CL Posting Service.
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      Thanks for the info!

      CL is one of few channels I haven't successfully touched upon yet, despite trying!
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    I used to run an aftermarket ticket site and I would post craigslist ads daily in various cities with upcoming shows and sporting events for that town.

    I would hammer craigslist with 10-15 ads per city, 5-6 cities a day. All from my same account, all from my home PC with the same IP. I never used proxies or different accounts. Any time I had to phone verify or re-verify I used my same home phone#.

    I was never banned or prevented from posting except for brief 15-20 minute periods when I was "posting too fast".

    I don't know how much CL has changed in the last 8 months but I never ran into a problem with too much posting or posting outside my geographical area.

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    Originally Posted by brianboyer View Post

    Targeting bigger cities will most likely create more traffic.
    But there is also much more of competition. I prefer targeting numerous cities that are not so big.
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    hi,I went to craigslist,and just cannot find any suitable sub-category for my affiliate product.It is an ebook on magnet power generaton plan.Is there any people who can help me answer this question?
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