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I need some advice...

I am a relatively successful music producer and I own & run a relatively successful music blog. Recently I bought a new ecommerce website related directly to my blog's niche. I am going to be the "face"/voice of my new site, front and center on the content, ads, videos, etc.

I have a decent REAL twitter following of about 550 right now. I have been debating whether or not to branch out with a new twitter ID for my new site, in addition to my personal one.

Do you think it's a mistake for me to start spreading myself thin over multiple twitter accounts? Or just go with my established personal one already?
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    Yep! I think you should stick with one. Especially in music (I come from a studio/music background too). Name is everything. IF it is related, I don't think there is a reason to add a new account.
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    I can see getting two accounts if you don't want to be too promotional with your current following list.

    On the other side, two accounts means double the work. I can't even keep up with my Twitter account.

    JayNine made a good point though, you're in the music niche and your name means a lot if you have a following. If you'll be targeting people that know nothing about you though, obviously that wouldn't really matter.

    Facebook page for inspiration & JV opportunities-


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    I would say go with your established count and get it as much exposure as you can...Once you grow to its peak maybe try another account after that...

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