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Hi warriors ,

I am asking now how do you get your JVs process done, I mean if I had a product, but I would want to associate with someone else, in a 50-50 term, Which are the steps to get into the bussiness together,? How do we get the money shared equallly troug paypal?

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    There's a sub-forum called "Warrior Joint Ventures" which allows you to find partners, or joint ventures

    There are information discussed about your question in that section of the forum.

    Check it out first
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    You're asking a really big question, but I'll give you some advice.

    First off, look for a JV partner that has a complimentary product to yours. For example, if you have a list building course, you may want to JV with somebody that has a course on doing ad swaps.

    Next, you need to start sending out proposals to potential JV partners. If you don't already have a big list yourself, you're probably going to have to give the person endorsing your product a better deal than 50%. You can do an 80/20 split (him getting the 80%), and although that seems like a bad deal, you'll be building a giant list you can make future offers to. To be honest, you can even give your JV partner 100% commissions because you're going to make your money on the back end.

    I should mention that if you just email people with proposals without any kind of introduction, your response rate will be low. Therefore, I recommend first introducing yourself and connecting with the person before you launch into your pitch.

    To increase the likelihood that your email gets opened, make sure you use a good subject line, just as if you wanted people on your list to open your message.

    In your proposal, include things like potential earnings, the proposed profit split, and a list of benefits.

    Make it very easy for your potential JV partner. For example, write the emails you'd like him to use so he doesn't have to. Besides, you know your product better than anybody.

    Also, make sure your product is something this person's list would want. In other words, it should be relevant to his niche. If his list is interested in videos games and your product is on woodworking, it's not a good match.

    Decide ahead of time when the payouts will happen and don't forget refunds! You're going to get them, so plan ahead and figure them into your proposal.

    I hope this helps!
    Zach Waldman - Los Angeles Magician
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    Thankyou alot, I have informed in some reading articles and from some friends, and now I think I am ready to get one JV, thankyou for your advices.

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