Help needed with figuring out a revenue stream (7,000 visitors per month)

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Hi guys,

I launched my site CarbGenie about a month ago and in that time it has had over 7,000 visitors. The promotion of the site has been pretty simple – I mentioned it on one social media site which I've been a member of for years (Reddit) and it got picked up and spread virally to other forums.

The problem is, I've only made £20 (about $35) from the site even with all this traffic.

The traffic itself can be broken into two types of visitors:
  • Information Hunters
  • Diet Researchers
The information hunters come from the search engines on specific long tail keywords such as "carbs in Tesco's rhubarb crumble" – they get the information they need then leave straight away. They make up about half of my traffic (and this percentage is increasing every day as Google continues to index and rank the site)

The Diet Researchers generally come from social media sites and forums. They take the time to browse the site and get ideas for things they can eat on a low carb diet. On average, they'll browse 4 or 5 pages and spend over 3 minutes on the site.

What I've tried so far:
  • Affiliate banners – no geo targeting (no sales)
  • Affiliate banners – half arsed geo targeting UK, US and Canada depending on IP (no sales)
  • Adsense – £20 in two weeks
Also, without even trying my newsletter has over 60 subscribers (see the box on the bottom right of the page) and the Facebook page gets a few new followers every day. I haven't sent a single newsletter yet and I rarely update the Facebook page – to top things off I haven't promoted my Twitter account on the site.

As you can see, the site is fulfilling a demand and is becoming increasingly popular, but I'm not earning any cold hard cash!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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