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I literally just sold my first website for $50,000 and my first thought was... "ok now I just have to write a product in how I did it and I'll make another $50,000!"

After some thought I eventually realized that this was stupid and way too improbable. Instead, I decided to release a free report and attempt to get everyone I knew to spread it like crazy (report here for reference: The Traffic Blogger: How I Sold My First Website for $50,000 ).

At this point, I'm looking for advice as to how I could capitalize on this opportunity. What I have done so far is include a handful of affiliate links and resources within the report itself.

I did not require a signup to my autoresponder in exchange for the report... Was this a mistake? Also, how would you go about optimizing the report to increase visibility and new subscribers?

Have you used free reports in the past? If so what were they and what lessons did you learn in the process of creating and spreading them?

Do you know any sites I could utilize to spread the report besides twitter and Facebook?

Thanks everyone!
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