How much money is lost due to the Amazon 24hr Cookie

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How much money do you think you lose because of the Amazon 24 hr cookie as opposed to using another affiliate network that offers a 30 day cookie.

I am getting quite a few click through to amazon but no sales and wonder if they do then decide to purchase after thinking about it for a while my cookie has expired so i lose the commission.

Are any of you successfully using other affiliate programs apart from amazon that are as competitive in price. I am starting to consider swapping out some of my affiliate links for other companies.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    there's pro's and cons here, yes you might get a higher commission and a longer period for the buyer to purchase but my take on it is that the majority of people shopping on the net already have an Amazon account and are more likely to buy if they don't have to sign up to anything. You also stand a good chance of someone impulse buying once they are on Amazon and you will get paid for it.
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      How many sales have you gained because there IS a 24 hour cookie? Yes, I'm optimistic.
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        I don't care about the cookie length at all.

        I've tested links to other well known and reputable big retailers with much longer cookies as well as amazon links for the same product, and I don't see anywhere near the amount of sales through them or anywhere near the same conversion rate.

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          Focus on increasing traffic and don't worry about the cookie length there are many Amazon Affiliates that makes huge amounts of money each month and they are not worried about the 24 hour cookie and if they could make more they would switch but they don't because Amazon is the most trusted shopping site online and they do a fantastic job of converting visitors to customers.

          Just keep focused on driving traffic to your site and the conversions will come if you have everything correct on your sites.

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          A LOT of money.

          In other programs where I get reports of the time between click and sale, a significant portion come in after one day.

          Amazon is great because it has a lot of products and some tend to buy more than one item at a time.

          But, the affiliate terms are weak when it comes to cookie length, commission amount, and when commissions are paid.

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            A way around the 24hr cookie is to frequently send Amazon promotions to your niche lists with incentivized offers to buy through your review or sales page. Also, send gift cards to your best customers (holidays are perfect). Commissions are almost always far more than the cost of gift cards because of Amazon's ingenius conversion and suggestion algorithm.
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    Yes its a difficult one, thanks for the replys so far. I think i'll stick with amazon for the time being, especially with xmas just around the corner.
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      Yes the 24 hour cookie is less than I'd like but Amazon is worth it to me. For whatever reason people seem to feel comfortable buying from Amazon. Plus Amazon has all of the products I sell with generally the best price and with free shippiing. I'd like the cookie to be longer but overall Amazon gives me the best sales results by far.
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